Why does my Cocker Spaniel scratch all the time?

Why does my Cocker Spaniel scratch all the time?

We identified the top reasons that dogs like Cockers can’t stop scratching and what to do about each condition below. Since Cockers have more sebaceous oil in their skin than other breeds, frequent ear infections, flaky and dry skin, and chewing on paws are all signs something irritating your dog’s immune system and likely his skin.

Why does my Cocker Spaniel have an ear infection?

According to The Cocker Spaniel Handbook by Dr. Caroline Coile, “Allergies are the major cause of ear infections.” Getting to the bottom of what causes canine allergies is part one in helping them to stop itching. Causes of canine allergies run the gamut, but often times allergies aren’t to blame at all if ears aren’t the problem.

Is it normal for dogs to scratch their ears?

While all dogs scratch their ears to some extent, if you notice your dog constantly scratching or irritation of the ear, you might need to determine what’s causing the itching. Once you’ve determined the cause of your dog’s discomfort, you can treat the underlying cause.

What to do for an itchy Cocker Spaniel?

Because Cockers are plagued by allergies, oily skin, and dermatitis, I decided to find quick and easy things to stop an itchy Cocker from scratching nonstop. Formulated dog shampoos, enzymatic leave-on conditioners, topical cream, and hydrocortisone-based ear solutions are all designed to help soothe itchy Cocker Spaniel skin.

Is it normal for my dog to scratch himself?

All dogs enjoy a good scratch now and then, and seeing your dog scratching, licking or grooming himself is behaviour that you will probably notice occurring a couple of times a day. This is perfectly normal, and occasional scratching is rarely problematic or indicative of a more serious problem.

Who is the mom of the Itchy Cocker Spaniel?

Cocker Spaniel mom, Aimee Marando of Florida, shared a photo of her Cocker, Finley’s, paws with me recently, saying her pup was licking his feet excessively. When I asked to see a photo, this is what she sent: Itchiness and licking of the paws are two of the initial symptoms most dog parents notice.