Why does my hamster always smell?

You may notice a strong musky smell emanating from your hamster’s cage, and this is usually due to their scent glands. Often a cause for alarm when first spotted, scent glands are perfectly normal, and form part of both a male and females’ hamster anatomy.

Why does my hamster cage stink?

Hamsters are cute little animals that quickly warm your heart and make a place for themselves in your home. While they are small and cute, they can put off a terrible odor. The smell that can put into the air is much larger than you would expect. Most of the time, the odor is coming from the hamster’s urine.

How do you reduce a hamster’s smell?

Now I always make sure he doesn’t have anything wet lying around (ie: fresh food). Good ways to reduce smell is to clean their cage every week and I find aspen produces lees of a smell. Also give them chinchilla sand bsth to roll in it helps a lot with my females they never smell.

Why does my hamster smell in the cage?

Why does Your Hamsters Smell? Sometimes you may notice a strong odor emanating from the hamster’s cage. This musky smell is usually as a result of their scent glands.

Why does my hamster smell like nail polish?

A small cage is confined and will obviously keep the smell trapped inside (On this forum we recommend 360 square inches floorspace). Another reason the smell is really bad could be diabetes. Dwarf hamsters are more prone to diabetes. Diabetic hamster pee smells really strong and smells like nail polish.

What’s the best way to clean a hamster cage?

You don’t want any residue left on the cage that could bother your hamster. Rinsing gets rid of any smells that may bother your hamsters. While you don’t want it to smell like hamster, you also don’t want it to smell like cleaner to your hamster. Let the cage dry before putting your animals back in. Put in fresh bedding.

Why does my hamster smell bad?

A foul odor can indicate sickness, like intestinal or dental problems. A bad smell is a good indicator your hamster either rolled in something unpleasant — in which case he’ll clean himself off shortly — or is under the weather and could use some medical attention.

What do hamsters smell like?

Hamsters do not have a bad smell. They are actually very clean creatures that hate to be dirty and will clean themselves for as long as they are able.

Why does your hamster smell?

Another reason why your hamster may smell is that they could be ill. This is typically the problem if the cage doesn’t smell and has recently been cleaned. Some of the illnesses that could cause your hamster to smell include: Diarrhoea – Commonly caused by having too much to drink.