Why does my hamster have a lump on its side?

What Is an Abscess? Pus is infected material made up of white blood cells and bacteria and it can accumulate to form a lump or pocket referred to as an abscess. Abscesses are most often found under the skin of hamsters but can be internal on organs or in the mouth as well.

When to be concerned about a lump on a hamster?

There is no concern if these types of lumps appear. When there is a time to be concerned is when a hamster’s testicles become hardened, distended or don’t ever retract. These can be the signs of a testicular tumor. Seek the advice of a vet for a diagnosis. Surgery and castration might be the best treatment.

Why are there lumps on my Chinese dwarf hamster?

As a male hamster matures, its testicles develop. When a mature hamster gets warm, its testicles will become more prominent and then retract when they cool down. The male Chinese dwarf hamster on the other hand typically has prominent testicles all the time. There is no concern if these types of lumps appear.

What kind of lump is on my hamster’s ear?

I just discovered a lump coming out from the inside of my hamster ear. It is yellowish-pink with tiny black dots when viewed close-up.Please advise. Is your hamster acting otherwise normal? If so, it might have a similar condition that my dwarf hamster once had. His ear sprouted a warty-like growth, and it slowly became larger over a month.

What should I do if my hamster has a tumor?

However, if your hamster cannot do his favorite things any more, then euthanasia is likely the most compassionate option. Feed your hamster food and water. Unlike other larger pets, hamsters can have free access to food and water up until surgery. Prior to surgery, continue to feed your hamster as usual and provide it with plenty of fresh water.

Lumps on a hamster’s mammary glands often appear on the sides or underside of the nipples. If these lumps grow fast or are hard to the touch, this could be a sign of tumor. Another type of lump on the mammary glad includes hamster mastitis. This involves swelling around the mammary glands due to a bacterial infection.

Can hamsters develop tumors?

Tumors are common for many pocket pets, including hamsters and gerbils. For example, hamsters are frequently diagnosed with benign tumors in the adrenal gland or lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system that can affect many organs. Tumors are common in a gerbil’s ventral marking glands and appear as sores.

What happens when hamsters get tumors?

Cancers involving hormone-producing organs, such as the thyroid and adrenal glands, are among the most common tumours found in hamsters. These cancers cause hormone imbalances, hair loss and changes in behaviour, as well as other significant signs.