Why does my West Highland Terrier keep throwing up?

Why does my West Highland Terrier keep throwing up?

Vomiting bile is usually seen in the morning and is often caused by stomach inactivity which aggravates the bile reflux. Make sure you always give your Westie something to eat before bed to keep the tummy full for as long as possible.

Is there any health information for Westies in need?

Here is some general health info that Westies in Need has gathered over the many years of knowing and loving this wonderful breed. If you have any question that you would like to know the answer to and you don’t see it below, please let us know and we can add it to our list!

What should I do if my Westie has a Grumbly tummy?

If your Westie gets a grumbly tummy-which is common in our breed- there are few things to do (long term and for right now)… make sure that your Westie is on a good Digestive Enzyme. This is something that should be given daily and forever. A good digestive enzyme can drastically improve your dog’s digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Can you give a westie dog rabies at the same time?

Also, never vaccinate for rabies and DHPP at the same time-it is very hard on Westies and again not good for their immune system. It is very important to wait at least 2 weeks between rabies and DHPP-they should NEVER be given at the same appointment.

What happens to a Westie as they get older?

Over time, your Westie is going to become less active as they lose most of their spunk and want to spend the rest of their days relaxing and hanging out with family. You’re likely going to notice they are experiencing various weight changes, whether they are becoming larger or thinner.

What should I do if my Westie is in pain?

Taking your Westie out for moderate exercise can help to relieve some pain and stiffness in their joints. You may also want to consider talking to your vet, as there are new treatments available, such as glucosamine, that will help to loosen the joints and build stronger bones.

When to worry and go to the vet for dog vomiting?

If not, it isn’t. Dr. Katie Grzyb of Skyline Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC, describes an instance of something that owners often mistake for vomiting, where a dog will cough so hard that they eliminate white foam from the mouth. This can be a symptom of kennel cough, she says. When Should I Worry and Go to the Vet?

What to do if your senior Westie has hearing loss?

Senior Westies are also quite prone to suffering from hearing loss, and although there are surgical options open to you, it might not be the most useful solution. Instead of putting your dog through an optional surgery, developing hand commands in place of verbal commands can help you to communicate with each other easier.