5 Google Ads PPC Hacks That will Double Your Conversion Rate

Image credit: Imagesource.io

Pay per Click can be a great way of getting more leads to your website, which will increase the conversion rate as well. However, if you are a startup or a small business, it might not be very convenient for you to invest a lot in PPC. For this, you need to use some hacks that will double your conversion rate without spending crazy money. There are some companies that can help in conversion rate optimization; simply search for the best pay per click management firm, and you will get lists of firms you can choose from. This article will outline 5 Google Ads PPC hacks that you can use to improve your conversion rate.

  • Outsmart Your Competition

Competition is what you are targeting, no matter in which field you are. If you can outsmart your competition, then in no time, their customers will be yours. In PPC, you need to analyze your competition’s website, see what keywords are converting best for them, and somehow integrate them into your own website. There are several tools you can use to analyze the keywords to see their conversion rates.

  • Remarketing

Remarketing is, as the word says, a reminder to your customers who you couldn’t impress the first time. You often get emails from a website you visited but never made a purchase; this could be them asking why you didn’t make a purchase or informing you of their new deal. This is called remarketing. Following up in marketing is very important and doesn’t cost you much as well.

  • In-market Segmentation

Segmentation is a very important concept in marketing and so it is related to PPC as well. In-market segmentation means targeting the audience that is already in your market. These are customers who are willing to buy from you but might never have visited your website. These can also be your competitor’s customers that you can target with better deals and discounts. You can use keywords that can be their possible search uses.

  • Boost Quality Score

Google will give your ds and your keywords a quality score. This score is based on how relevant your keyword is and how useful your ads for the customers. In order to be better ranked and be chosen by possible customers, you need to have a higher quality score. According to Google’s algorithm, when you have a higher quality score, Google gives your ad better positioning at lower rates.

  • Spend Money on Keywords that Convert

Many people do not pay enough attention to the choice of keywords when this can be one of the most important things when it comes to conversion rates. Like we discussed in the first point, after you know what keywords are converting best for your competition, you can smartly use them in your content to attract the right audience. Some keywords will cost more than the others, so spend on keywords that will really convert visitors into customers.

These hacks can help you in improving your conversion rate and get better attention from your potential customers. PPC hacks might take time in showing results but the results will be long-lasting.