6 Mesmerizing Saudi Arabia Beaches That You Must Visit

Saudi Arabia is known as the deserted country and is famous for its holy cities Mecca and Madina. It has another side too, and that is very beautiful, calming, and mesmerizing. Beaches! Yes, it has many of them both private and public. All you need is just a bit of exposure, and you are all set to rock your trip with lots of beaches to visit. Saudi Arabia has planned to expand its tourism industry. Therefore, they released the statement that new resorts will be “governed by laws on par with international standards,” like Saudi Aramco Residential Camp where American immigrants will be able to pass the country’s conservative laws. Even non-Saudi visitors can wear bikinis and can drink alcohol too on the resort’s premises.

Travelila has come up with six best Saudi Arabia beaches. So if you are visiting Saudi Arabia then don’t miss visiting those alluring beaches.

Al-Fanateer Beach

Al-Fanateer Beach is one of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia. This beach is visited by both locals and tourists and is situated in the Hijaz district of city Al-Jubail. The attractive point of the beach is its long stretch of palm trees and its evening atmosphere. Al-Fanateer is the best beach to spend peaceful family time or an evening jog or walk. Except for that, you can also take a boat ride and explore the surrounding area of the beach. After spending an evening on the beach, you can also visit the Fanteer mall nearby for shopping and eatery.

Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach, located in Al Khobar, is the best place to have a quality of family time. This crescent-shaped beach has white sand and clear, shallow and calm water which remains still throughout the year having regular waves and no tides at all. This beach has a different section of a park where there are fun rides to enjoy. This beach has dune hills in one of its sections where thrillers are seen scaling through it. As it has an average water level swimming and other water sports can be experienced. It also facilitates bathrooms, lockers, and showers.

Silver Sands Beach

The silver sand beach is a private beach looking towards the Red Sea that is located in Jeddah. It has crystal clear turquoise water, and sea-shore lined up with the pretty looking sun protective umbrellas and chairs. This beach is best for taking time out for swimming, sunbathe, or even you can go for water sports or activities. While on the silver sand beach, you can experience the luxurious beach life that everyone who visits there loves. They also have the facility of restrooms and showers.

Yanbu Al-Bahr Beach

Yanbu Al Bahr beach located in Yanbu has its own way of attracting people towards it no matter whether they are tourists or localities. It is located by the Red Sea that has a variety of marine life, and you can see and capture it at the Yanbu’s Yanbu Al Bahr beach. You can try scuba diving and other water sports and also underwater sports. They allow you to capture or to get captured your underwater experience. This beach has some coffee shops and public toilets.

Al-Uquair Beach

Al Uquair beach in Al-Ahsa is not your average beach. It has everything that other beaches don’t have or is lacking. There is a fort at the beach that is the main focal point, but there is no explanation of how it existed there. Whether you spend time in night or morning at this beach, you are bound to be spellbound after seeing its beauty. This beach has the best sunset view, starry sky view, and has a soothing look from start till the end of the day. Every time you will pass from there you will click a picture, it is that beautiful. It has a small number of starfishes and very friendly camels.

Haql Beach

Haql beach is located in the city of Haql, which is also considered as the most beautiful place to must when in Saudi Arabia. Haql beach is famous for its view of sunken shipwreck, which is there for two decades. This beach is most popular among divers as its coral reef life makes it a better diving spot. And if you are good at swimming than without any second thought, you should explore the sunken shipwreck you may find something interesting. This sunken shipwreck view can make you feel watching a movie as it has the perfect backdrop of mountains and blue water. Except for this, it is a stunning beach where you can spend quality time with yourself as there are no shops or stalls on the beach. You can always opt for this place as a camping spot but make sure you get umbrellas, food, and water with you.

These were the most amazing and inticing Saudi Arabia Beaches that are must visit.