5 Signs That Tell You That it’s Time to Get a Tattoo Removed

Tattoos are fun to have until you no longer like them anymore. A tattoo has many different meanings, and sometimes, it can evoke different emotions.

Having the coordinates of where you got engaged is meaningful and romantic. You don’t plan on ever getting it removed!

However, there’s a huge tattoo on your foot of a lion that seemed pretty fierce at the time. But now you’re not fond of it, and it makes you embarrassed looking at it.

If you’re not sure what to do with a tattoo and whether it’s time to part ways, this article will help. Here are five signs it’s time to get your tattoo removed so you can move on and forget about it.

1. You’re Embarrassed by It

Does your tattoo embarrass you? Your tattoo might have the last name of a political figure you no longer support. Or, it’s something you got when you were a teenager. Yeah, having a tattoo of a turtle might have sounded cool at the time.

If your tattoo makes you (and your friends) cringe, consider getting it removed. A tattoo should be something that makes you smile and not embarrassed every time you enter the room.

Until you get it removed, explain to friends who ask that you got it when you were young, and soon, it will be gone!

2. It’s Affecting Your Career

If your tattoo affects your career or your ability to get a job, that’s not a good scenario.

Perhaps there’s a bright tattoo on your hand that sticks out like a sore thumb every time you interview.

Or, your employer frowns upon you every time you have a one-on-one meeting. He keeps looking at your tattoo instead of your face!

If any of these things are happening to you, it’s best to get your tattoo removed.

No tattoo should ever hinder your career growth. Before, you might have had a job where having this tattoo wasn’t a big deal. But if things have changed, then it’s probably best if you and your tattoo parted ways.

3. You’re Having an Allergic Reaction

Believe it or not, but you can have an allergic reaction to a tattoo, even years after getting it.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) confirms this on the site. They explain that an allergic reaction can happen right after getting it or years later!

If you’re allergic to your tattoo, common symptoms include hives, redness, and itching.

A reaction usually happens from the ink in your tattoo, and the culprit is typically the color red.

Experiencing an allergic reaction is troublesome. And it’s also a sign you should say goodbye to your tattoo.

It might also be wise to get in touch with your dermatologist if the allergic reaction gets any worse.

4. The Ink Has Almost Completely Faded

Say your tattoo is almost faded because you got it when you were young. It’s now to the point where it’s looking like a big blob on your skin. You never really liked the tattoo, and it bugs you that your skin looks blotchy and weird.

If this is your current situation, instead of getting it retouched, get it removed.

A faded tattoo doesn’t look that appealing. If it’s so light you can’t even make out what it is; it doesn’t make sense to keep it around. Or keep what’s left of it, anyway.

5. It Makes You Sad

Tattoos can be sentimental. But sometimes, the memories that tattoos evoke lead to sadness.

Your tattoo could be making you sad because you lost a pet a few years ago. When you got it, you thought having a tattoo of your cat on your leg would remind you of him. But now, it only makes you cry.

Being depressed every time you look at your tattoo isn’t a good situation. A tattoo should make you feel happy. So if it isn’t, make an appointment to get it removed.

In Conclusion

These signs should have helped shed some light on whether it’s time to say goodbye to your tattoo.

If you’re still on the fence about what to do with it, ask a close friend. He should be able to shed some light on the tattoo situation.

Remember, a tattoo is a way for you to show off your personality.

If it’s no longer giving you joy or makes you sad, break up with your tattoo. You’ll be glad you did it!