Can a tortoise eat celery?

Many tortoises will eat foods that are not part of a healthy diet. Do not feed tortoises frozen vegetables or sodium-rich foods including canned vegetables, dairy products, breads and celery.

What is the correct diet for a tortoise?

Fruit eating tortoises can eat melon, raspberries, blackberries and grapes. You can also offer sweet desert apple, in sliced small amounts. Mango can also be eaten, although this can be very sticky and attract wasps. Bananas can be eaten, and cherries, in strict moderation.

Why does my tortoise not want to eat anything?

There could be several reasons for your tortoise to stop eating, from the simple fact that they do not like their food, to a more serious issue and illness such as a chest infection. Other potential reasons include: constipation, being too cold and no desire to eat following waking up/reemerging from a sleeping state.

When do tortoises Won’t Feed Andy Highfield?

When tortoises won’t feed Andy C. Highfield Animals which refuse to feed are a common complaint of reptile keepers.

When do tortoises start to eat again after hibernation?

While you do want your tortoise to eat as soon as possible after a hibernation don’t be surprised if they don’t show interest in food for two or three days. Ensure that your tortoise has access to plenty of water when they first wakes from his hibernation. Once they are fully hydrated, they should show interest in food again.

What to do if your tortoise has an upset stomach?

Unlike a dog you won’t find a tortoise moping around whimpering at your feet when they’ve got an upset stomach. What you can do however is get to know your tortoise’s normal behavioral patterns; in particular things like how much they tend to move around their enclosure, and how much food they tend to eat each day.

How often should I Feed my tortoise a dandelion?

Which basically means don’t feed it every day, but you can do so pretty regularly without worry. Most of us can’t gather them year round in any case. Which basically means don’t feed it every day, but you can do so pretty regularly without worry. Most of us can’t gather them year round in any case. Click to expand…

Why is my tortoise not eating at all?

Often the cause of not eating in captive tortoises is dehydration. All of my tortoises will eat within a few minutes of being given a bath. Here is a photo of my tortoises having their daily bath. This is more than sufficient to get them eating. If this fails then a vet trip is mandated as it suggests a problem.

What should I Feed my Hermann the tortoise?

Your Hermann’s should basically be on a diet of weedy, leafy greens. Make a list of the greens that grow around you and those that you can buy and look them up on The Tortoise Table Plant Database for suitability to feed. Here’s a list of suitable greens.

When does a tortoise go into hibernation do they stop eating?

Tortoises will stop eating in the days or even weeks before they go into hibernation. It is very important that they do so because they are cleaning out their intestines in preparation.