Do ball pythons like to be scratched?

Yes, you most certainly can pet your ball python. Many, though not all, ball pythons are head-shy, meaning they do not like to be stroked on their head, and will recoil or potentially even become aggressive if they are touched on their head because of the amount they dislike it.

Can you bond with a ball python?

Pet snakes make great low maintenance pets, but they don’t bond with their owner the same way a dog or cat would. If you want to make your snake comfortable with you, then all you need to do is let it be familiar with your presence and handle it often.

Why did I get bit by a ball python?

Bites usually happen for two reasons: 1) the snake confused you for food, or 2) the snake thought you were a threat. Ball pythons are not terribly smart, so expect to be bitten at some point, and don’t panic when it happens.

What’s the best way to handle a ball python?

Once your hands are clean and smell like chemicals, use a paper towel roll to tap its head (gently). This lets the snake know that it’s time for handling — not food — and prevents potential accidents caused by a misunderstanding. Once the snake shows calm, slow tongue flicks, it is safe to pick it up.

Is it normal for a ball python to get stressed?

Stress in Snakes. Yes, it’s true—ball pythons can get stressed out too. Stress in snakes is the result of many easily preventable husbandry issues, such as: Housing multiple snakes together in the same enclosure, which almost all species dislike. Housing snakes in an enclosure that’s too warm or too cold.

Why does my ball python keep shedding its skin?

Snakes can develop issues during their shed. Normally due to environmental factors, the snake will be unable to shed all of its skin at once. It will come off in small patches, causing the snake stress. Most shedding issues center around the eye caps and the tail.

What should I do if my ball python got skin on his back?

You can usually help a ball python free himself of the retained skin by soaking him in a bit of room-temperature water for an hour or two. Be sure that the water is only deep enough to cover your snake’s back – he shouldn’t have to swim to keep his head above water.

Why is it bad to handle a ball python?

Ideally, when you handle your snake, it should only be you in the room. Your snake will be defensive if it has to keep an eye on you and another person, or several other people. Things that make noises aren’t as bad, because ball pythons don’t have a well-developed sense of hearing. It’s the movement that they dislike.

How can you tell if a ball python is afraid of You?

Learn to recognize your snake’s body language. Typically, ball pythons will communicate discomfort or fear long before they resort to biting. They’ll often do this by tensing their muscles, becoming more rigid, hissing or acting “jumpy.” If you note these signs, return your pet to his enclosure and leave him alone.

What should I do if my ball python is sleeping?

Open the habitat and touch your snake gently on the back. This will help you avoid startling him if he’s sleeping (it is essentially impossible to tell if your snake is just sitting still or sleeping, as they lack eyelids). Place your fingers under his body gently and lift him off the cage floor quickly and decisively.