Photo of a delivery man unloading (or loading) truck, walking cardboard boxes down ramp on a hand truck.

Moving homes is one of the most memorable milestones individuals, couples, or families will experience in their lifetime. That’s why you want to make the process as smooth as possible by hiring professional movers to do the work! They offer a ton of helpful services that save your time and back, making the investment value for your new home.

While they do offer amazing services, did you know you also have to prepare before they come on over to do their jobs? It’s best to make the move easier for them too, which can save even more time and stress on your side. With that said, what should you do before the movers arrive?

Seven Things to Do Before the Movers Arrive

Professional movers make the moving process so much easier, though you also have to make sure it’s easier for both you and them. With that said, follow these seven tips to keep everything in top shape:

1.Declutter Your Home and Dispose Useless Things

Why would you hire professional movers to pack things you will never use again? It’s a waste of both your time and YOUR money! That’s why it’s important to get rid of all the things you’ll never use again before they come packing everything they see.

You’ll know when to throw or sell items when you haven’t used it in over a year. Take the time to go through all your things and see if you can sell it or if it needs to be chucked out.

2.Inventory All the Possessions

Once you have all the necessities left ready for moving, start listing everything down. You can do this either in pen-and-paper, or use computer software like Excel.

Make sure it’s in fun detail to ensure that you know what’s coming into your new home and if anything goes missing or damaged. In case of missing or damaged items, you can file insurance claims or file damage claims with the mover.

3.Have a NO-PACK Zone

Another thing to do is to have one area to place everything you’re bringing to the new house. This is a no-pack zone for your movers, so make sure to inform them and to move those personal belongings yourself before they start working.

You’ll need to pack and move your essentials, like important documents, devices, personal valuables, medicine, among others.

4.Prepare the Essentials

When you’re preparing for professional movers, you’ll also need to prepare some of the essential boxes! Pack up the personal items from the no-pack area to make the moving process easier and quicker. Besides this, you can easily have access to these personal items until you get to move to your new home.

5.Have a Safety Briefing With the Household

Another amazing way to get ready with your movers is to meet with the entire household first. It’s best that all your children and pets are safe, so talk about what to expect once the movers come in, as well as delegate any tasks to adult members during this fast-paced and hectic process!

Remember it can take a few days and would be a tiresome move, which is why letting them know and preparing them for what’s to come is essential.

6.Pre-Pack Small Items and Household Appliances

Besides packing the essentials, you also have to include your household items and appliances in your inventory. Make sure you list down their names and condition to prevent any issues from damage claims and the like.

Besides this, make life a bit easier for your movers and pre-pack items you can easily take care of, which saves time!

7.Take a Lot of Photos

While hiring professional movers is beneficial, you have to be cautious and make sure you document the process! This can resolve any issues you have during and after the move. Document everything throughout the move in case you’ll need proof when filing for claims.

Wrapping It Up

Moving is an extremely stressful process, but very fulfilling, especially when you have the right movers to help you out. Before moving day comes though, you need to make sure everything’s in order to make the process quick and without any risks. Fortunately, it’s actually easy to prepare for your movers, and with these tips, you can ensure a safe and memorable move!

I hope this article on the seven things to do before the moves arrive helped you with the entire moving process. So start planning out these errands before your workers arrive!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with professional movers like Brisbane Removalists BNE Movers, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.