Often, when a student is given the task of writing an essay paper that needs to be done urgently, and his creative potential is exhausted, the only effective method will be a brainstorm. This thesis involves spontaneous, streaming generation of numerous ideas that will help solve the problem.

So, the student was assigned to write an essay paper, decided on the theme, but how to write and where to get ideas for a complete disclosure of the topic was causing him difficulty. Undoubtedly, any student can apply to the services to correct my paper. But there are those who still do it on their own, using brainstorming techniques to generate ideas.

What is brainstorming

This method is understood as the informal activity of a student or a group of students aimed at finding solutions to any issue and during which the participants express literally all the ideas that they have. And like any method of problem-solving, brainstorm has its stages and rules.

The technology of this method of generating ideas can be represented in the following stages:

  1. The first student needs to clearly formulate the main idea. This stage is considered preparatory.
  2. During a given period on a sheet of paper, the student writes down all the associations that arise in his head when thinking about the topic. At this time he should not think and use logic, evaluating ideas and associations will distract the student from the process of generating ideas. The student should write down absolutely all thoughts and associations, even if it is absurd, then he can spend a little thought work on it and combine it with other ideas, and the result can be very interesting.
  3. The student re-reads the list of recorded associations and selects those that can be used in writing the essay paper. At this stage, the evaluation and analysis of the recorded ideas are necessary, and the student can use different methods of its implementation.

Brainstorm can be individual and collective. A group of students takes part in the collective brainstorming, among them there is a leader who pronounces the main task to be solved, and participants who are direct generators of ideas.

This technique has the word “storm” in its name due to the fact that the process itself involves spontaneity, rapid generation of ideas, surprise in terms of associations, which in the end will serve as a basis for making the right decisions and formulating competent conclusions.

Of all the methods of generating ideas, brainstorming is the most efficient and efficient way to make effective decisions for a limited period.

Brainstorming when writing an essay paper

In the process of writing an essay paper, the student is limited to the chosen topic and time frame, and with all this, he must write a literate work, reflect in it his individual style and competence in the topic.

It must be remembered that before proceeding to the brainstorm, it is necessary to formulate the main thesis of the essay paper. It is by no means consonant with the topic, the main thesis is what you would like to say through the essay paper, its main idea.

The method of brainstorm will help you:

  • to formulate the thesis of the optimal volume, to avoid its excessive breadth or narrowness and specificity;
  • correctly and concisely express your thoughts, build its structured statement.

After receiving a task on the topic of essay paper and formulating a thesis, you should immediately begin a brainstorm. This method is very suitable in this situation because it allows you to generate ideas in a time-limited environment. Set yourself a time limit and start writing all the associations that come to your mind.

Once your brainstorming time is up, evaluate the ideas you have recorded and chosen the ones that are closest to the topic of the essay paper and that you can develop to the fullest. At the beginning of brainstorming, as a rule, all thoughts are standard and unoriginal, but in the process of mental attack, they are transformed into unusual and non-standard ideas.

In the process of searching for ideas or after its completion, the student must make a theoretical assumption that the analyzed situation received an unexpected and even opposite to the original state of affairs, a turn, and all the ideas he chose became irrelevant. This will help him to generate additional alternative ideas, as well as mentally prepare for any scenario.