Various types of mirrors for your bathroom

A mirror is one of the most essential elements for a bathroom and it is not only required for reflective functionality but it can also enhance the style of the bathroom. A bathroom without a mirror certainly looks incomplete. You can find several types of the bathroom mirror in the market but buying a mirror for a bathroom is an important decision. Hence before you buy a mirror for the bathroom you need to consider several things such as the size of the mirror, where the mirror will be placed, the style of the mirror, etc. That is the reason why in this article we have come up with various types and shapes of mirrors that you can choose for your bathroom.

Type of mirror for bathroom

The following are the various types of mirrors that you can consider for the bathroom:

  • Wall Mirror: Wall mirrors are the type of mirror that is mounted on the wall. You can both frameless as well as framed mirror and you can choose the one which suits your bathroom the most. Based on the size and shape of your wall you can mount the mirror. But you have to be very careful when you will install the bigger and heavier mirror otherwise there will be a huge risk of breaking.
  • Decorative Mirror: This is a type of mirror that comes under the category of wall mirrors. Generally, this type of mirror comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and it comes up with some interesting and unique shaped design elements such as birds, flowers, sun, geometric shapes, etc. Apart from that, you can also include some interesting frame shapes in the decorative mirror which add ornate, modern as well as glamorous touch to the shapes.
  • Full-length mirror: By implementing a full-length mirror you can create more space as well as can bring more light into a bathroom. You can also mount this type of mirror vertically across the vanity mirror for creating an illusion of more space. The best thing about this type of mirror is that you will be able to see yourself from head to toe.
  • Floor mirror: This is also a type of full-length mirror and it looks perfect while adding to a bathroom. Floor mirrors come up with the classic and ornate design and it looks very nice if you have a soaker tub. Apart from that, you can angle this mirror in your bathroom so that it can have a slimming effect on your reflection. This type of mirror is versatile and can also be moved very easily. When this type of mirror is placed in the bathroom even the smallest bathroom looks larger.
  • Pivot Mirror: You can also place a pivot mirror in your bathroom which is also a type of wall-mounted mirror. This type of mirror is certainly a perfect addition to bathroom vanity. This type of mirror also comes up with a flexible mount option which helps you to pull away from the glass from the wall and you will also be able to adjust the angles in various directions that give you the right view.
  • Lighted mirror: This is a modern type of mirror that comes up with lighted mirror technology. With the help of this type of mirror, you will not only be able to brighten your bathroom but your design can also be mimicked with natural light. This type of mirror is suitable for makeup application purposes.

Size of the mirror for your bathroom

After you determine the type of mirror you will have in your bathroom the next essential thing is its size. Some of the common sizes that are readily available are square, rectangle, oval, circle, hexagon, octagon, and some unique shaped mirror. Square mirrors generally remain smaller in shape than that of the rectangular or oval-shaped mirror. The rectangular-shaped mirror is another most common mirror which you can be hung both horizontally as well as vertically. The circular and oval-shaped mirror can also create dynamic contrast in your bathroom and is ideal for those who have limited wall space. Hexagon, octagon and unique shaped bathroom mirror also look extraordinary when it is mounted on the washroom and is paired with some class design elements like marble, oval sinks, round tab, etc.