What do you need to take care of a hamster?

Hamsters need to be active and have enrichment so they don’t get bored and overweight. They also need chew toys to keep their teeth neat and trim. There are a variety of hamster toys that are designed to be chewed so your hamster’s teeth can be properly cared for and an exercise wheel will allow a hamster to run as much as they want.

What are some interesting facts about a hamster?

Other facts. When a hamster needs to find their way back home, they will use this scent trail as a guide. Hamster’s teeth grow continually. Chewing on wood or twigs keeps their teeth short. Without something to chew on, their teeth would grow so long they would injure the roof of the mouth and lips.

How big can a hamster grow to be?

Hamster Fact #1: Hamsters are “crepuscular” Hamster Fact #2: The largest type of hamster can grow to 13 inches (33cm) long Hamster Fact #3: The smallest type of hamster is just 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10cm) long Hamster Fact #4: Hamsters can store food in their cheeks, then eat it later!

What do you need to know about hamster teeth?

Since they are rodents, hamster teeth never stop growing. You must provide wood or a hard chew toy to prevent teeth from overgrowing. Teeth that get too long can puncture their mouths. Hamsters are one of the few animals that are born with a full set of teeth. If a hamster tooth breaks, the tooth opposite to it may overgrow.

Do you need to take care of a hamster as a pet?

If you are thinking about getting a pet hamster for you or a child it is important that you know how to choose one, what supplies you need, and how to feed and care for your new pet. Hamsters are typically low-maintenance pets but proper care is essential to keeping it happy and healthy.

What should I know before buying a hamster?

Before you buy any pet, make sure you have a home set up for it to minimize the stress of adjusting to a new home. Hamsters have a specific set of needs; they require exercise and mental stimulation, as well as a well-ventilated cage with a place to hide.

What do you need to know about a dwarf hamster?

4 things to know about your hamster 1 They can live up to 2 years 2 Genera: Mesocricetus auratus (Syrian) or Dwarf – Dwarfs grow up to 4 inches – Syrians grow up to 7 inches 3 They are nocturnal (active at night) 4 They are herbivores

Hamsters have a high metabolism and require a lot of exercise. Hamsters may be small, but these friendly “pocket pets” sure have big hearts. The cuddly, furry critters are one of the most popular small animal pets. Here are just a few of the many interesting facts about hamsters and their habits. 1.