What is dystocia in guinea pigs?

What is dystocia in guinea pigs?

Dystocia is a clinical condition in which the process of giving birth is slowed or is made difficult for the birthing mother. In sows (pregnant guinea pigs), this is usually caused by the normal stiffening of the tough fibrous cartilage which joins the two pubic bones – medically referred to as the symphysis.

How do you prevent toxemia in guinea pigs?

To prevent ketosis, make sure your guinea pig eats a high quality food throughout pregnancy, while limiting the amount in order to prevent obesity.

Can a guinea pig have a broken leg?

Ive not experienced a guinea with a broken leg but we did have one about 30 years ago who had a leg removed and managed pretty well – that resulted in many an argument at the vets for my Mum as vet just said to get the guinea pts – but did the op as we paid for it.

When do guinea pigs get up on their feet?

Newborn [&guinea&] [&pigs&] will be up on [&their&] [&feet&] within minutes of being born. If you happen to be around when their Mom is giving birth, then unless she appears to be in distress just give them some space for half an hour before coming back to check on her.

What happens if a guinea pig has a stillborn baby?

And to ensure that you have enough funds saved up to get her veterinary attention if she seems in distress. When breeding animals, stillbirth is always a risk. Guinea pigs may have litters with one or more stillborn babies. In the worst case scenario it’s possible neither the babies or the mother will survive.

What should I do if my baby pig has a broken leg?

A broken leg in a baby pig is less of a problem than you may think. If it is broken. and not just a temporary condition, such as a pulled muscle, a simple bandage and a splint (a matchstick) around the affected area to immobilise it for 7-10 days should see recovery well under way.

What does a guinea pig look like after birth?

Right after birth guinea pigs are adorably awkward, with a head that looks as big as the rest of the body and long thin back legs. Their belly soon fills up and in a few day they get the well-rounded look they will keep for the rest of their life, but I tried to capture that mismatched look of the first hours.

Why does my guinea pig stand on its hind legs?

In anticipation of the arrival of food, a guinea pig may begin a routine of “begging” wherein it will stand up on its hind legs while resting its paws against the cage bars, making a distinctive “wheeking” sound.

Can a baby guinea pig be bigger than a puppy?

Pups from small litters are usually bigger than pups from large litters. Like babies of all species, cute baby guinea pigs are tiny and winsome. This page is stuffed full of information about how to care for baby guinea pigs.

When do you stop nursing a baby guinea pig?

Baby guinea pig: Week three. This is the earliest time period in which pups may stop nursing, although many experts recommend that pups be weaned as late as 6 weeks. Weaning age depends on several factors including the pup’s weight, the mother’s milk supply, and the number of siblings.