How do you get a general paper?

How To Score High In General Paper Of A-Level ExamSelect a particular topic for your expertise. Enrich your reading and take important notes. Study Sample Essays for General Paper. Create and jot down Outline of Essays on different topics. Prepare excerpts for each outline topic. Practice writing with a timeline.

How do the top students study?

Instead of reading through all of the lecture notes and redoing old homework problems, top students make themselves practice exams, and rehearse their exam performance, under time pressure and in similar conditions (no notes, uncomfortable chair, quiet room, etc.) to what they’ll see on test day.

How can I score well in exams?

Student-to-student: Tips for scoring high on your examsKnow the test format. Don’t forget to ask your professor what you can expect for the layout of the exam. Create a study schedule. Utilize materials from the professor. Eat breakfast. Chew gum. Get a good night’s sleep. Manage your time. Answer the questions you know first.