What should I do if my golden retriever has an ear infection?

What should I do if my golden retriever has an ear infection?

Keep your dog’s ears clean – You can clean your dog’s ears with an over the counter ear cleaner or one recommended by your veterinarian. You should clean the ears after bathing or swimming, if your dog starts to scratch the ears or shake their head, or when you start seeing a buildup of wax in the ears.

What kind of ear does a golden retriever have?

A Golden Retriever’s hearing is acute and sensitive, much more so than a human’s. That’s why caring for your Golden’s ears is so vital. Your dog’s ear has three parts: the outer ear or pinna (also called the auricle), the middle ear, and the extremely delicate inner ear. The pinna can be seen visibly on your dog.

Why does my dog keep getting ear infections?

This makes dogs prone to ear problems. Some of the most common causes include: bacteria. yeast/fungus (aspergillosis) moisture (which can create a prime growing environment for bacteria and yeast) viruses. mites (more common in puppies than in adults) drug reactions.

Why does my golden retriever have floppy ears?

Reason #1 – Golden Retrievers tend to have long thick hair, even around their ears. This extra hair holds in warmth and moisture, creating the perfect environment to grow bacteria and yeast. Reason #2 – Golden Retrievers have floppy ears.

How do you treat an ear infection in a golden retriever?

Green Tea: Not only is green tea healthy for humans, it’s wonderful for your Golden Retriever’s ear infection. Simply make a cup of tea with a green tea bag or loose green tea. Let it steep for about five to 10 minutes then cool the liquid until it’s at room temperature.

What type of ear problems do Golden Retrievers have?

There are many types of ear infection that infect golden retrievers, here are some of them; Otitis Externa, Media and, Interna Cause Death There are three types of this infection, firstly, Otitis externa; it caused usually when water is stuck in the ear canal which leads to moist environment and bacteria that result unbearable pain and swelling, that can spread through the ear and bones around it.

Can an ear infection Kill my Dog?

An ear infection would have to be neglected for a long time to cause death, but yes, any infection could eventually kill a dog. An ear infection is very painful and really needs to be treated by a vet.

Can dogs really get ear infections?

Allergies are not the only cause of ear infections in dogs. Sometimes the breed or shape of the dog’s ear canal can predispose him to ear infections. Conditions like ear foreign bodies, ear mites, gland tumors and polyps, and even endocrine disorders can be at the root of an ear infection.