What should I do if my rabbit has fleas?

Your pet could also get fleas after visiting a home, yard, or vet’s office where fleas are present. If your rabbit has fleas, you’ll need to use a rabbit appropriate treatment to get rid of them. You’ll also want to treat other pets and your home to prevent the fleas from returning.

Can you give a rabbit revolution for fleas?

Revolution can treat more than just fleas, such as ear mites, giving it a slight advantage. Advantage may not be good on some rabbits’ skin, as it can cause a reaction. Apply the medication to the back of the rabbit’s neck. That way, it can’t lick at it, which will make it end up with an upset stomach.

What can I put on my carpet to get rid of fleas?

If the fleas stay in the environment, the rabbit can be reinfested. If you try a treatment yourself, such as flea bombs or sprays, you want to keep your rabbit out of that area for a day. You can use borax (boric acid) or diatomaceous earth in the carpet.

Are there any flea medications that are safe for rabbits?

Topical Medications Frontline or Sentinel: Unlike flea treatments deemed safe, Sentinel and Frontline are not safe flea medicine for rabbits. These medications have been shown to cause a variety of adverse reactions in rabbits, including seizures and death, and should never be used in the treatment of fleas.

What are safe ways to get fleas off of rabbits?

  • Using a topical medication – topical medication can be used to treat fleas in rabbits.
  • Using a flea comb – flea comb can also be used to get rid of fleas. A flea comb is a specially designed grooming tool for this purpose.
  • as well.

    What is the best flea treatment for rabbits?

    The safest flea treatments for rabbits are Advantage (original formula, NOT Advantix ) and Revolution. Advantage can be used monthly and is available over-the-counter.

    How do you check rabbits for fleas?

    • Loss of fur
    • Scratching
    • Red bite marks from the fleas
    • Crusty patches on skin
    • Infected areas on skin
    • Biting or chewing on back or tale area
    • Tiny brown droppings on fur
    • Insects around your rabbits ears and nose

      Do Bunnies need flea medicine?

      There are a variety of flea medications, but only a few can be safely used on rabbits. The exact dosage will vary based on the weight of your pet and the type of medication you choose. Consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate treatment option and dosage for your rabbit.

      Is there any way to get rid of lice in rabbits?

      WARNING: Dog and cat flea treatments can be poisonous for rabbits – only ever use treatments prescribed for your rabbit. Fortunately, lice are extremely uncommon in rabbits. Give your rabbit the best chance of staying parasite free by following the advice below.