What to do if your hamster has a cold?

The best way to prevent a hamster from getting sick from a respiratory problem is to keep its living conditions clean, feeding it a well balanced diet, allowing it exercise frequently and keeping it away from cold drafts. It’s also important to keep away from your hamsters if you or any family members are sick with a cold, cough or flu.

What happens to a hamster when the temperature is high?

The first, which can be frightening to the owner but not a major problem to the hamster, is sometimes called Sleeper Disease. When the external temperature is high, say 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the hamster appears lifeless and floppy. It can be picked up, turned over and shaken, with no apparent sign of life.

How long does it take for a hamster to hibernate?

This whole process may take more than one hour and if you do not to it well, it might prefer to be hibernating. If you keep it in an environment that is warm and protected, your hamster will better withstand the cold. In addition to knowing if your hamster is cold, in OneHowTo you can also learn how to tell if it has mites.

How can I tell if my hamster is Dead or Alive?

Your hamster may even appear to be dead as its body will stiffen when it hibernates. If you notice that its body starts to get stiff from the cold and even starts shivering, gently caress it to war it up and awaken it from that state of drowsiness. Make sure you provide very appetizing food that is high in fat and protein.

Is it possible for a hamster to never get cold?

It is quite possible you’ve never seen your hamster get cold because many small rodents hibernate. Despite this, not all living rodents in cages develop the ability to hibernate, it is an inherited trait and not all of them know how to do this. It is important that you know this because,…

What should I do if my hamster won’t wake up?

Make sure plenty of food and water is available for the waking hamster. Warm the hamster up, relatively rapidly. Instead of warming up your hamster slowly in a warm room, you can warm it more rapidly. Put the hamster, in its cage, in a warm place such as an airing cupboard. Depending on the temperature, the hamster may wake within 2 – 3 hours.

Can a hamster be sensitive to other hamsters?

Some hamsters can be very sensitive to them. Others don’t mind them much at all. Just like humans, it can vary from hamster to hamster.

How often does a hamster’s heart beat slow down?

The heart rate of a hamster can slow down significantly. It can be just four beats a minute, or one beat every 15 seconds. It can be difficult to find a hamster’s heart beat because they are so tiny. To do this use your forefinger and thumb of one hand and place them on either side of the hamster chest just behind its elbows.