Why do rabbits struggle when walking?

For instance, pododermatitis (ulcerated feet) causes pain on movement, therefore the rabbit may sit hunched all day in his cage and appear unable to walk. Arthritic conditions of the spine, hips, knees or hocks can cause an inability to move normally.

Why is my rabbit so weak?

Diseases like cancer and spinal osteoarthritis can wear down the components of the spinal cord over time and inhibit the ability of the rabbit to move its hind legs. Parasitic, bacterial, and fungal infections can cause a number of disorders that can lead to weakness or paralysis in rabbits.

What kind of weakness does a floppy rabbit have?

Figure 2:Rabbits suffering from the “Floppy Rabbit Syndrome” present a general weakness are unable to lift their head and unable to move.

Why does my dog have floppy rabbit syndrome?

A congenital malformation was noted but this wasn’t considered the cause of his weakness. A diagnosis of ‘Floppy Rabbit Syndrome’ was made. Floppy Rabbit Syndrome (FRS) is considered an acute neurological condition characterised by a sudden inability to hop around. The muscles of the legs and sometimes the neck are flaccid.

What are the side effects of Floppy Bunny syndrome?

Complications of this syndrome can include gastrointestinal stasis and hypothermia, which can be minimized by appropriate feeding and housing during this time. Floppy Bunny Syndrome is a horrible condition however with the right tests and treatment many rabbits can survive and make a full recovery.

What causes weakness in the head of a rabbit?

In cattle, this leads to general weakness accompanied by an abnormal positioning of the head. It seems, however, that the floppy rabbit syndrome may also be caused by dietary deficiencies in selenium and/or vitamin E. The latter promotes the absorption of selenium in the body.

Why does my rabbit have weakness in his back?

Most often IVD occurs in the back, but can also occur in the neck and over the chest area. It can result from trauma, genetic weakness of the disc capsule, anatomical abnormalities of the spine or for other unknown reasons. Signs – Signs of IVD depend on what part of the spine is affected and how much pressure is being applied.

What happens if a rabbit falls from a height?

A rabbit that has fallen from a height may also have internal injuries. These rabbits are very, very sick and may be close to death. The common end point of dehydration, shock or sepsis is a weak floppy rabbit, often with cold ears. They tend to sit hunched in a corner and ‘feel funny’ when you pick them up.

What causes paralysis in the back of a rabbit?

Cause: Damage to a rabbit’s back by any kind of trauma can lead to partial or complete paralysis of the hind limbs. The most common cause of back trauma occurs during restraint of a rabbit when he kicks out suddenly or twists. The more forceful the restraint is, the more likely it is that a spinal injury will result.

What kind of injury does a rabbit have?

Rabbit is bleeding uncontrollably from a wound or has been attacked; Rabbit may have a broken back or limb(s) Rabbit is limp, floppy or cold; Rabbit is in pain; Rabbit isn’t eating; Rabbit has flystrike (maggots)