Best Tips for Designing Successful Automated Emails

You have a compiled contact database, but you are not using it? This may be due to the lack of automation of any workflows. The incorrectly chosen marketing campaign can rob you of opportunities to connect with customers and increase sales.

If you properly set up and automate your marketing, you will be able to increase sales by 14.5%. The right email marketing software will help with this.

Campaigns aimed at engaging new audience are not the only way to automate your marketing processes. You can interact with the base of contacts who are already your customers. By automating email newsletters, you will be able to turn potential customers into real ones. You can also encourage your target audience to make additional purchases, explore new products and receive up-to-date product information.

Build Out Your Visual Brand

With email marketing software, you will be able to customize your message designs to make your emails stand out from others. Use your logo and other images that are relevant to your company and place them in a way that makes them stand out. For this, use headlines of emails, so that brand awareness will be much higher.

Choose a unique colour palette and font. It is best if the letter design matches the design of your website. Notifications generated by email blaster should inform about new product arrivals with bright images.

Make your email campaigns accessible for everyone

By studying information of the World Health Organization, you can learn that about 15% of users from all over the world have some form of disability. Therefore, your mass-mailings should be customized for different categories of consumers. Design must allow everyone to perceive and understand your content. If the letter is beautifully designed, but the user is unable to read it, some part of the audience that has similar problems will automatically cease to be interested in your business.

When you’re adjusting emails for mobile devices using special software for emails, use the ‘arm’s length’ rule. To test how your email is displayed, send the test text to your mobile phone, place the screen at arm’s length and test if the content is easy to read. If you have any difficulties, try different fonts.

It is impossible to develop a design taking into account the needs of absolutely all categories of customers. But there are some methods that will allow you to create the most simple and interesting designs suitable for most users. There are also tools that will allow you to see how clients with disabilities see your letter. In this case you will know how readable, bright and accessible the notification will be received by users.

Consider a Proper Email Structure

Proper structure of texts on a page using the bulk emails service is as important as the meaning of these texts. Please, note that the chosen design match the type of information. Will the email look good when displayed on a small screen? Can a user print it without special programs?

Usually, a mass email sender has several layouts to suit different types of emails. If you’re sending a short and simple message, use a one-column text layout. And if there are several of them, choose another format. You can place text and images in the columns. If there are lots of descriptions, don’t forget to divide them with headings for ease of understanding.

Humanize Your Marketing Efforts

When creating a letter, try to arrange it as if you were addressing it to a specific person. The message received from an individual, not from a brand (robot), will be perceived much better.

Use personalization in your newsletter software, for example, call a person by name or use other tricks that will grab the customer’s attention. Please, note that if users didn’t provide their personal information, it is necessary to choose other methods to not cause a feeling of excessive automation and communication with a robot.

Insert relevant content in your email

Don’t forget to include all necessary information when creating a letter. If you send notification after the user completed the checkout, please, add all purchase details. Also, enter the phone numbers for feedback, if the client wants to clarify something.

Schedule emails to send

If you use the bulk mailing system, you can set up a schedule for sending letters. Thus, you will be able to quickly make adjustments to letters before they end up in your clients’ inbox. Therefore, the time of sending out should also be scheduled, so that you can check the information in the letters shortly before mailing them out. After that you can be sure that the layout has not changed, and clients will receive the latest information.