Can horses eat apples and carrots?

Almost any fruits, and many vegetables, are safe treats for healthy horses. Apples and carrots are traditional favorites. Most horses will chew these treats before swallowing, but horses that gulp large pieces of a fruit or vegetable have a risk of choking.

Why are apples and carrots bad for horses?

Some people try to tempt the horses closer by feeding them apples or carrots, a food typically harmless to a horse. The horses graze on grasses found in meadows, along the sandy roadsides and on lawns. Other foods can cause colic and can be deadly, she said.

How many apples and carrots can a horse eat a day?

As long as you cut the core of the apple out a horse can eat as many as they want. Carrots are great. Come summer time and with lots of training we cut about 2 lbs of carrots and 7-8 apples a day and mix it in with Pocos feed to keep him well hydrated and extra bump of nutrients.

Are carrots or apples better for horses?

Sliced apples without the core and carrots are always a good go-to, but do you ever wonder what other healthy snacks your horse might enjoy? Be sure to cut any large fruit or vegetable into manageable pieces, and do not give your horse any pits or cores, which could cause choke.

Can you feed carrots to a horse with HYPP?

One carrot contains about 230 milligrams of potassium. ( source) Due to this relatively high potassium content, carrots are not suitable for horses with HYPP. You should never feed them carrots or any treats that contain potassium. Shredded carrot is great for horses with teeth issues.

How often should I Feed my horse carrots?

Feeding one to two carrots per day is recommended by the majority of horse owners. I would not feed more than 2 per day and it is helpful if you feed them at different times. Horses are used to eating small meals throughout the day and breaking up the treats will help maintain their eating schedule.

Is it OK to feed my horse apple slices?

Aside from feeding your horse regular apple slices, there are a couple of different ways you can prepare apples for your horse. You can add chopped up apples to your horse’s bran mash as a special treat. Don’t put too much though and always remember moderation is key for any treats.

What should I Feed my horse as a treat?

Select healthy vegetables and fruits as treats – these taste good to your horse and are usually close to foods they eat in their normal diet, so chances of digestive upset are reduced. Feed only a small amount. Feeding your horse 15 large carrots at a time may create more of a meal than a treat.

Can a horse eat carrots as a treat?

Carrots as a treat have limited impact on a horses diet. Fresh carrots are only 11.5% dry matter and fairly high fiber product with moderate starch and sugar. They are a very good vitamin source. You would need to feed a rather large quantity of carrots to have an impact on diet.

Is it safe to feed an apple to a horse with HYPP?

Research had determined potassium in a HYPP positive horse’s diet be kept at a consistent level of about 1% or less of the total diet. So, feeding an apple to a horse with active HYPP may not be safe and is not recommended. The calcium to phosphorus ratio in apples is safe.

What kind of apples can a horse eat?

Horses can safely consume pretty much any types of apples, in moderation. Let them try different types of apples red, yellow and green ones. This way you can let your horse choose it’s favorite. The only types of apples that you shouldn’t feed your horse are spoilt or moldy ones. Are Apple Seeds Bad for Horses?

Is it safe for a horse to eat an orange?

Yes, horses can safely eat oranges. Oranges are one of many natural foods that are safe to feed horses as a treat. The entire orange is safe to eat including the peels.