Can I use T8 instead of T5?

Can I use T8 instead of T5?

A T8 ballast is generally not compatible with a T5 linear fluorescent lamp. These are ratings used to describe the shape and size of fluorescent light bulbs. The T stands for tube shape and 5 or 8 refers to the diameter of the bulb in 1/8 inches.

Why are T5 better than T8?

T5 lamps are 40% smaller than T8 fixtures, but are capable of containing just as much and sometimes more light in a smaller area. In other words, more T8 fixtures are needed to produced the same amount of light generated by significantly fewer high output T5 bulbs.

Is T5 or T8 UVB better?

T5 Tubes. These newer tubes have only been around for a few years and despite being slimmer than the T8 tubes, actually have a higher output. They offer brighter and higher quality UVB light.

Is T5 or T8 better for bearded dragons?

In my opinion, the T5 is vastly superior – it has a much higher UVB output and can be placed 12″ to 18″ away from your bearded dragon. T8 bulbs, on the other hand, should be placed within 8″ of your Bearded Dragon. Since UVB output is much lower in T8 fixtures, the bulb must be placed inside of the tank.

Which is brighter T8 or T5?

If you want to high bright led tube lights, you can first choose T8 led tube. because the T8 tube light is high brighter than t5 tube. T5 led tube light, which is less filled with electrons and inert gas. In contrast, If you want to creat a darker lighting environment.

Which is better LED or T5?

LEDs also offer increased light efficiency when dimmed as opposed to T5 fixtures and usually produce more lumens per watt in general, which decreases energy usage and thus, energy costs. A lower wattage of LED luminaire will usually be just as efficient, sometimes more, as a higher wattage T5 lamp.

Is T5 better than LED?

Is T8 okay for chameleons?

There are no real downsides unless possibly when talking about very young chameleons. In that case I might raise the fixture up a bit or add a few pieces of screen between the lights and the enclosure. As for T5’s being harmful, the simple answer is NO.

Are T5 bulbs being discontinued?

Lamps affected include fluorescent 4 foot T8, T5, T5HO and 2 foot U-bent lamps. However, many 32W lamps have either been re-engineered or discontinued by the manufactures. Most current fluorescent T5 linear lamps already comply with the new standards. The 2015 rule-making takes effect in January of 2018.

Can you replace T5 with LED?

T5 LED Tube Lights and LED Fluorescent Tube Replacements. Reduce the time and money spent relamping your T5 fluorescent fixtures in your home or business by upgrading to LED with these LED T5 tube lights from!

Can I replace T5 fluorescent with LED?

Plug and Play, or direct wire, LED T5 lamps make switching from fluorescent to LED simple. These bulbs are easy and quick to install. Replacing the ballast in your current fixture won’t be necessary, as it plugs directly into the fixture without any rewiring.

Are LED lights bad for chameleons?

There are plenty of heat lamps available that you can use for your chameleon’s enclosure. Do not buy any LED bulbs though as they do not give out any heat. I recommend buying halogen bulbs mainly although some incandescent bulbs work perfectly fine too.

What’s the difference between a T5 and T8 light bulb?

As focus on energy saving technologies has grown and become popularized, these codes have come to designate levels of energy efficiency, as well as indicate lamp tube diameter. A T5 bulb is roughly the same diameter as a $.10 dime. A T8 bulb is closer to the size of a $.05 Nickel.

What’s the life expectancy of a T5 lamp?

Both the T5 and T8 lamps have a general life expectancy of around 36,000 hrs. at 12 hrs. per day burn time. There are several different factors that determine levels of efficiency. The quality of light, often referred to as lumen output (also called “brightness” by the Department of Energy) is an important factor to consider.

How big should a T8 UVB tube be?

Offering adequate strength when used within the brands recommended distances, along with a reflector. This is usually around 8-10 inches from the tube to the reptiles back. Or, vivaria surface. In my experience using Solarmeters (these measure UVB) over the years, a quality T8 tube ( Arcadia or Zoo Med ReptiSun) will index around 4 to 5 .

What should ambient temp be for T5 lighting?

T5 standard output lamps have their place, it’s just understanding the applications and the desired results. T5 lighting tubes produce best at an ambient temp of 35C (95F) which would make one think that they don’t do well in the cold.