Can red foot tortoise eat carrots?

Can red foot tortoise eat carrots?

Tortoises can eat carrots, although should do so in limited quantities in moderation. A small serving once per week is advised.

Why does my tortoise not want to eat anything?

There could be several reasons for your tortoise to stop eating, from the simple fact that they do not like their food, to a more serious issue and illness such as a chest infection. Other potential reasons include: constipation, being too cold and no desire to eat following waking up/reemerging from a sleeping state.

How to tell if a red foot tortoise is male or female?

Red-foot tortoises have distinct differences between the sexes, this page should help you identify which sex you have. Please also see the care sheet on this species at: Geochelone carbonaria – Red-foot Tortoises – Darrell Senneke and Chris Tabaka DVM

Why does my red footed tortoise have an ear infection?

Red-footed tortoises can experience ear infections occasionally. It’s thought to be caused by improper husbandry. You may notice swelling in the cheek or behind the jaw. A visit to the vet will be needed, and the vet will likely prescribe antibiotics. External parasites include ticks, mites, and flies.

How often do I Feed my Baby Red foot tortoise?

How often do I feed my baby red foot tortoise I have a baby red foot tortoise he is only about 2inches I’m concerned as to how much he should be eating a day because I don’t want to over feed. I feed …

How can you tell the sex of a Redfoot tortoise?

They do not show a concave stomach or much else to differentiate males from females. Redfoot tortoises are a species that has multiple different ways to determine the sex of. Like most species, the tail length is a quick easy way to determine the sex. Male redfoots tails will be long and thick, and will curve tightly against the back leg.

What kind of problems does a red footed tortoise have?

Even slight changes may signal illness. You’ll find that there are different degrees of health problems that your Red-Footed Tortoise may succumb throughout his lifetime. Minor ailments can include minor cuts and abrasions, long toenails, and a chipped, cracked, or broken beak.

What kind of stomach does a Redfoot tortoise have?

Redfoot males, as adults, will have a strong concave stomach, where females will be flat on bottom.

When do tortoises Won’t Feed Andy Highfield?

When tortoises won’t feed Andy C. Highfield Animals which refuse to feed are a common complaint of reptile keepers.