Can you have two Russian hamsters in the same cage?

Can you have two Russian hamsters in the same cage?

These hamsters are often known as ‘dwarf’ or ‘Russian’ hamster and grow to 8cm in length. They can live together – either two of the same sex as a pair and sometimes in same sex groups.

Can you have two Russian Dwarf hamsters?

For owners who want to keep two or more hamsters together, Dwarf hamsters are recommended. These species can be kept in pairs or groups as long as they are given adequate space. For hamsters that can enjoy each others’ company, it’s best to stick to the Dwarf varieties, such as Roborovskis or Winter Whites.

What kind of hamster is a Russian dwarf?

Russian Dwarf Hamster Facts & Care – Campbell Hamsters. Russian Dwarf Hamster refers to two species of hamster. The Winter White and the Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster. These two appear similar to each other and are often confused. Breeders all over the world have bred many different attractively colored hamsters.

Which is easier to tame Syrian hamster or Russian hamster?

Dwarf hamsters compared to Syrian hamsters are easier to tame and handle from an early age however dwarf hamsters can easily become “wild” within a week. Syrian hamsters once tamed are tamed for life. A tamed Russian dwarf is a friendly hamster and will not bite whilst being handled. Is it Easy to Tame Russian Dwarf Hamsters?

What should I put in my Russian dwarf hamster’s cage?

Cover the cage floor with bedding. Cage bedding has several benefits. It helps keep the cage clean by soaking up your hamster’s urine. Cage bedding also helps your hamster feel more at home. He’ll be able to forage and burrow as much as he likes. Pine shavings would be a very comfortable bedding for your hamster. Do not use cedar bedding.

What kind of hamster can live in one cage?

If you want two hamsters living in one cage, you should take a look at getting one of these. All of them are dwarf hamsters. These hamsters are most commonly known as either Russian or Dwarf hamsters. They’re very popular pets in Europe.

What kind of hamster is Russian dwarf hamster?

“Russian dwarf hamsters” is the name given to a mix breed between Campbell’s dwarf hamsters & Winter Whites. Also known as hybrids, they are roughly half the size of a Syrian hamster, or “Golden hamsters”, as they more commonly known. The name “Russian Dwarf Hamster” encompasses three different breeds of dwarf hamsters.

Is it possible for two Russian hamsters to live together?

We have had our two Russian hamsters for just over a year now and they started fighting and squeaking more than often within a couple of days. There are 3 important points that MUST be done to allow two dwarf hamsters to live together comfortably and may help them live together to the end. They are: 1.

Where can I get a Russian white hamster?

Winter Whites, also know as Russian Winter White Dwarf Hamsters or Siberian Dwarf Hamsters, come from multiple areas of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Sibera (According to Wikipedia) Russian dwarf hamsters are available at most local pet shops. However, if your hamster is fed a high sugar diet, it is more prone to diabetes (hybrids especially).

What’s the normal behaviour of a Russian hamster?

Normal dwarf hamster behaviour is similar throughout every type of dwarf hamster including Chinese, Roborvski, Russian and hybrids. Here are 5 common concerning but normal Russian dwarf hamster behaviours. 1. Sudden bursts of energy – Within the day a hamster can suddenly become very active and this is common in dwarf hamsters.