Do red eared sliders eat less in the winter?

Do red eared sliders eat less in the winter?

The UVB exposure stimulates the vitamin D3 production in a red eared slider’s body, which helps the pet to absorb calcium. Without the rays, the turtle will suffer from bone and shell diseases. Red eared siders limit their food consumption during the cold season. It sometimes leads to various diseases.

Do slider turtles eat less in the winter?

In the winter, turtles enter a state of dormancy called brumation, which is similar to hybernation in mammals. Cold temperatures cause a turtle’s metabolism to slow, causing him to become lethargic, lose his appetite, and fall into a deep sleep.

What should I Feed my red eared slider?

VEGETATION (Plant Foods) Your red-eared slider will NEED to eat his greens if he wants to be healthy and robust – like Popeye with his spinach! Most of the plant portion of your turtle’s diet should consist of floating vegetables.

Where do red ear slider turtles go during the winter?

Reptiles like the red eared slider turtle do not hibernate but in fact, brumate. This period of brumation is signified by less turtle activity save for the occasional surfacing for water and food. Red ear sliders can be found in brumation at the bottom of ponds or shallow lakes over the winter season.

What do red eared sliders do in the spring?

In this way, Red-eared Sliders can survive for weeks. Of course, once warm spring days return, the Red-eared Sliders start to eat again, sunbathe and begin to be interested in mating. Male sliders have longer front toenails which they use in courtship.

Why does a red ear slider turtle not eat vegetables?

The only reason it doesn’t eat is because it’s used to other types of food, that are not as healthy, but a lot more tasty. After a couple weeks or a month of using this method, your Red Eared Slider turtle will start eating vegetables soon enough, and in the end it will also start to enjoy some of them.

How often do Red Eared Sliders need to be fed?

The young turtles are mainly carnivorous and become more omnivorous as they grow into adults. As pets, red eared sliders and other aquatic turtles can be fed daily as hatchlings and juveniles, reducing the feedings to every other day as adult turtles.

Can a red eared slider turtle eat or drink?

During hot weather, especially in the hot climate, the red-eared slider turtle may actually not drink at all. They may have become so dehydrated that they are unable to continue eating. This condition is very dangerous.

Are there red eared sliders in the wild?

If this was not enough, in 2018, Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, was officially confirmed to be a Red-Eared Slider. This increased their popularity among children. Unfortunately, their popularity with inexperienced keepers has caused many to be released in the wild.

How old do red ear slider turtles have to be to go into hibernation?

If you have young Red Eared Sliders, under 3 years old, it’s better to keep them away from hibernation if possible. But if your turtle is older than that then you can let them hibernate without having to worry.