How do you take care of a blind tortoise?

How do you take care of a blind tortoise?

As the turtle is blind, it will have to depend on its nose to find the food. I’ll recommend feeding turtle pellets that are really smelly. You should also feed other foods such as dried worms, boiled chicken etc. It is really important that your blind turtle gets a lot of calcium.

Why is one of my tortoises eyes won’t open?

“Why can’t my tortoise open its eyes?” The common reasons a tortoise won’t open its eyes are vitamin A deficiencies, post-hibernation anorexia, third eyelid problems, trapped plant matter, infection of the eyelids, and an abscess.

Can a blind tortoise survive?

These tortoises are very vulnerable. With good care, however, we believe they can continue to enjoy life and deserve to be given the chance to make a full recovery. We do not recommend hibernating sight damaged tortoises again.

Are turtles born blind?

If anything disrupts the developmental cycle — such as extreme heat or cold, very dry conditions or certain chemicals in the water — one or both eyes will not function, and the turtle will hatch partially or completely blind.

Why is my tortoise not opening its eyes?

A tortoise that won’t open its eyes usually isn’t doing so because it doesn’t want to, rather because it can’t, and worse still it can be a sign of eye infection or vitamin A deficiency, both of which are fairly nasty and will most likely require veterinary attention to resolve.

Why is my tortoise not moving or drinking?

Why is my Tortoise Not Moving Enough? If your tortoise seems lethargic and sluggish (even for a tortoise!) it could be down to many of the same factors discussed with regards to them not eating properly, but a particularly likely candidate for the problem is an insufficiently high enough temperature in their enclosure.

What to do if your tortoise flips over?

If your tortoise does unintentionally flip themselves over and you’re not around it can be really handy to have a wifi camera perched over their enclosure so that you can keep an eye on them when you’re out or at work.

What to do if your tortoise has an upset stomach?

Unlike a dog you won’t find a tortoise moping around whimpering at your feet when they’ve got an upset stomach. What you can do however is get to know your tortoise’s normal behavioral patterns; in particular things like how much they tend to move around their enclosure, and how much food they tend to eat each day.

What should I do if my tortoise got hurt?

If you have a heat and UV lamp, use these for the duration of the tortoise’s stay indoors, and be sure to provide an abundance of food and water. Tortoises are known for being surprisingly resilient creatures, and with the right treatment they will probably surprise you with how well they’re able to bounce back.

Can a tortoise survive with a missing limb?

Clearly then a tortoise can survive quite happily with a missing limb with a bit of resourcefulness and ingenuity on the part of the owner and vet!

Can a tortoise die from an obstructed airway?

Checking that the airway is clear. This is first aid 101 in humans, and there’s no reason why the same shouldn’t apply to your tortoise, after all an obstructed airway can quickly prove fatal.

What should I do if my tortoise has a chip?

Your vet will best be able to tell you what course of action is required in the event of a chip. They may be able to repair it with special veterinary grade epoxy and/or fibreglass. In any case the most important thing you can do is to take them to the vet to get the treatment they require.