How many babies does a Russian dwarf hamster have?

How many babies does a Russian dwarf hamster have?

The mother had 6 babies which turned out to be 3 males and females. In this video you watch them grow from a young age of 2 days to 6 weeks old. Russian Dwarf Hamster Babies are born blind and without hair and look pink/red. Any Russian dwarf hamster mother can have up to 8 babies and either sex.

What kind of food do Russian dwarf hamsters eat?

The Russian Dwarf Babys diet was milk from the mother and we made sure to keep her water, food and additional once a week vegetables up to date. The babies starting nibbling a mixture of dried fruits and normal hamster food around 3 weeks. These Russian dwarf hamsters are Campbells babies and the mother and father are Campbells.

When do Russian dwarf hamsters open their eyes?

Baby Russian Dwarf Hamsters are born blind and without hair. They will then start to develop hair around the age of 8-12 days and open their eyes around 20 days. Although Russian dwarfs are born within 18-22 days of pregnancy, they develop fairly quick compared to their bigger relatives including the Syrian.

Can a dwarf hamster be kept with a Syrian hamster?

Unlike Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters like the Russian dwarf hamster can be kept together in pairs or groups under certain circumstances. However this may not always be the case as you will learn below. Can you keep different breeds together? Unfortunately you cannot keep a Syrian hamster with any other type of hamster.

Can a Russian dwarf hamster get pregnant again?

Keeping a male and a female together from a young age will normally result in new pups being born. This is not advised as this may cause future problems. Russian dwarf hamsters can become pregnant at the age of 3-4+ weeks. Once they deliver new pups they can become pregnant again within 24 hours.

Is it OK to breed a Roborovski dwarf hamster?

Deciding to breed your Roborovski dwarf hamsters is not a decision to make lightly. You should carefully consider the temperament and health of the hamsters you are breeding so that the offspring can be the friendliest dwarf hamsters possible. You must consider what you will do with any babies that will result.

Is it OK to have two dwarf hamsters?

If you are still deciding whether to get one or two, read Should I Get One or Two Dwarf Hamsters. These types of hamsters are known to be sociable but although many pet stores suggest keeping two together because they will be happier, this is not always true.

What’s the normal behavior of a Russian dwarf hamster?

Mothers Behavior – The mothers behavior will change around you and this is completely normal. Common things she will do are become very protective over them, hide them and pretend that her babies aren’t there. This is their way of protecting them and is normal. The mother may nibble or bite too.