How much should a 6 month old male Dalmatian weigh?

How much should a 6 month old male Dalmatian weigh?

At 6 months, they will likely weight between 25 and 49 lbs (pounds). At 1 year, a male dalmatian should weigh between 34 and 67 lbs (pounds).

What size do Dalmatians grow to?

Female: 56–58 cm
Male: 58–61 cm

How much should a 9 month old Dalmatian weigh?

Dalmatian Puppy Weight Chart

Age Weight in lbs Weight in kg
7 months 26 – 55 lbs 11.8 – 25 kg
8 months 29 – 57 lbs 13.2 – 25.8 kg
9 Months 30 – 61 lbs 13.6 – 27.6 kg
10 Months 32 – 63 lbs 14.5 – 28.5 kg

Do Dalmatians have big chests?

A dalmatian is a medium size dog. The dogs are usually also a bit sturdier in the appearance with a bigger chest, a stronger back-line and bigger mussel build.

How many pounds do Dalmatians get?

Female: 16–24 kg
Male: 15–32 kg

How big does a full grown Dalmatian get?

So, how big do Dalmatians get? The average Dalmatian will reach between 19-23 inches in height, weighing between 45 to 60 pounds. They typically reach their final adult size by 16 months of age. There are some slight differences between males and females, with male dalmatians generally weighing slightly more than females.

What kind of dog is a Dalmatian dog?

The Dalmatian is a graceful, medium-sized dog with a sleek, muscular body. The tail is fairly long and has a slight, upward curve. The coat is short and dense, with brown or black spots on white. The Dalmatian sheds heavily, even though the coat is short.

What kind of degree does a Dalmatian have?

Many Dalmatians successfully complete their Companion Dog (CD) and Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) Obedience degrees; some also have completed Utility Dog (UD) and Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) degrees and one or two have completed Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) degrees as well.

How much food should I Feed my Dalmatian?

Feeding your Dalmatian with the recommended diet A Dalmatian needs 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality dry kibbles daily, and it should be divided into two meals to avoid obesity. How much you feed your pet should depend on his age, weight, and activity level.