How old is a 3 year old cocker spaniel?

I have a 3 year old cocker spaniel who at the moment is very good and enjoys lots of cuddles, which isn’t a problem and he will still get lots of attention, but I am due to have our first baby at the end of March and his routine will change and he will no longer be the baby.

When is the best time to breed a cocker spaniel?

Cocker Spaniels are good to mate once they turn around 24 months old. While they do mature a lot earlier (the males mature at around 8 months old) it is still advisable to wait until they are 2 years old at least to see how healthy they actually are once adulthood is reached.

Can a cocker spaniel be of a good pedigree?

Usually, Cocker Spaniels that do not have any white markings on their solid-colored bodies are considered to be of a good pedigree. However, this is only the norm for the dog shows. With most working Cocker Spaniels, the color does not matter as much as the actual working capacity of the dog does.

What kind of dog is an English Cocker Spaniel?

English Cocker Spaniels are the original gun dogs, used for hunting. These were bred from the American Cocker Spaniel so technically, they are a variant of their American cousin.

What makes a cocker spaniel a good family dog?

Cocker Spaniels make the ultimate family dog: they are known for their particular attachment to their humans. They’re cheerful dogs with a charming nature and a side that loves to show off. There is nothing a Cocker Spaniel loves more than swimming and retrieving, preferably at the same time.

Which is the smallest breed of American Cocker Spaniel?

Originally bred for hunting birds, the American Cocker is the smallest of 26 dog breeds in the sporting group. It is a popular breed in the U.S.A. (ranked 29th in 2017 according to AKC Dog Registration Statistics).

Why does my American Cocker Spaniel weigh so much?

If your dog is overweight, the chances are he’s unhealthy! American and English Cocker Spaniel bitches are usually smaller than the male dogs, consequently, they also tend to weigh less. An illness may cause your dog to put on or to lose weight.

When do Cocker Spaniels stop being a puppy?

You have a “forever puppy.” Most dogs mature as they get older, and slow down each year. Not a true Cocker Spaniel! Cockers are rambunctious into their adult lives, and always ready for any opportunity to play. Even senior Cocker Spaniels have that puppylike spark in their eyes.