Is there such a thing as a Golden Greek tortoise?

Is there such a thing as a Golden Greek tortoise?

A commonly encountered subspecies in American collections and inaccurately dubbed the “Golden Greek”. Dark and all-black specimens occur within this wide-ranged tortoise. This taxon is under severe debate because it simply covers far too vast of an area where these animals naturally exist.

How long does a Greek tortoise live in captivity?

However, because these pet tortoises have a lifespan in captivity often of 50 years or longer, prospective owners should think long and hard about whether they want to commit to caring for an animal that could easily outlive them. Greek tortoises sport a shell that’s tan to yellow with dark brown to black.

How big is the shell of a Greek tortoise?

Before they entered the U.S. reptile market in significant numbers, the typical Greek tortoise available from importers was heavily patterned, and it often had a dark shell and skin. These varied considerably in size, 4 to 8 inches in straight line plastron length, and to a lesser degree in shell shape depending on the country of origin.

What kind of light does a Greek tortoise need?

If kept outside, these tortoises can handle night temperatures that drop to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In the wild, they usually hibernate through cooler winter temperatures. In addition to a heat lamp for the basking area, the tortoise also needs UVB-emitting lighting for around 12 hours per day.

What did the Golden Greek tortoise look like?

The first groups of golden Greeks to arrive were tentatively dubbed Testudo graeca terrestris, but their country of origin was never really verified. They had relatively high-domed shells, straw-yellow skin and shells, and individual scutes of their carapaces either lacked the dark central spot and dark scute margins, or they were greatly reduced.

Are there any Greek tortoises that are for sale?

There are a variety of greek tortoise species available in the captive bred tortoise market including golden greek tortoise for sale, ibera greek tortoise for sale, moroccan greek tortoise to name a few. Greek Tortoise / Golden Greek Tortoise / Spur-Thigh Tortoise.

Which is better golden or Ibera Greek tortoise?

Feeding an Ibera greek by hand for example is much easier than getting a baby Golden Greek tortoise for sale to eat from your hand. Overall the Golden is a bit smaller and shyer, and makes for less of a “ pet tortoise for sale ” than the Iberian cousin. Golden Greek tortoise for sale are a fairly recent addition to herpetoculture.

How to care for a baby Greek tortoise?

A water dish in combination with a substrate that retains humidity (see following substrate section) will do the trick, as well. By keeping baby Greek tortoises well hydrated and at a sufficient humidity level, they will grow smoothly and retain a good weight.