Are you getting bored in this Lockdown situation? Do not have anything to do? Well, if you have nothing else to do, then you can watch these evergreen Television series. Either you can see them on channels themselves, or you can download the seasons from the internet. Though you can binge almost every series on Netflix and Amazon before all these came along, many people waited for hours to watch their favourite series to be telecasted on the television.

Here are some must-watch shows that you can either catch on TV or download the entire season. You can also use hayu discount code to get super offers while you download the series.

Vampire Diaries

It is one of the biggest hit television series dramas among teenage and young people! Almost every girl had a crush on Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. It is a supernatural series that deals with vampires, werewolves, hybrids, doppelgangers and the love story of a human and a vampire. Once you start watching this series, you can’t stop until you have reached the last season. Go ahead and watch it. You are going to love it.

Big Bang Theory

This Sit-com came with a Big Bang itself. Jim Parson nailed his role as Sheldon Cooper. The story revolves around four highly qualified researchers at Caltech and finds love in unexpected ways. Watch their life series on this amazingly funny Sit-com. Once you start watching one of the seasons, you can’t just let it go till you finish the entire season. I would suggest that you download the whole season all at once.

The Witcher

It is another highest-rated fantasy series that came out on television. Henry Cavill gave his best performance as Geralt of Rivia. As soon as this tv series was launched on TV, it managed to get the right number of viewers who stayed loyal audience till the very end of the show. If you are a fantasy or supernatural lover, you are going to love this particular series.

Modern Family

It is one of the hilarious series that was launched on television. It managed to win the hearts of its audience very well. The series deals with three different families who are settled in California along with their kids and jobs and each time end up getting stuck in funny situations. You can use hayu promotion code for 2020 to avail attractive offers on download.