Sophisticated Coworking Space located At One World Trade Center, Manhattan

Rarely does the coworking space place businesses right in the middle of the hub of activity, but in New York City’s urban landscape coworking communities are right in the thick of the Financial District (FiDi). The offices belong to a class that speaks of the opulence, prestige, and stature that governs the city, at least the most economic parts of the city. Not only the offices that belong to the area exude influence, class, and sophistication, they speak of industry, innovation, and the drive to make a business work .

However, through the coworking space – One World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan , businesses gain valuable access to office space that would typically be in the stratosphere. That’s right, the struggling startup can gain access to impressive office space, rub shoulders with movers and shakers in NYC, and create a platform for developing business relationships. Standing far above the rest of the buildings in the Western Hemisphere, 1 WTC makes an imposing presence in the city, and for a number of reasons.

Continue reading to learn more about One World Trade Center and how it can be a dynamic space to establish your place in the NYC business scene.

One World Trade Center

The offices that make up 1 WTC sit in a building that is close to 1,800 feet and is literally the tallest building on this side of the world. The actual building occupies a lot of space but has very little impact on the environment. The sustainable design is the foundation of the structure because of its emphasis on renewable energy platforms that include interior day lighting, reuse of rainwater, and recycled construction and debris.

The structure actually is quite majestic and provides visitors with the chance to take in all of the NYC. From its Sky Lobby on the 64 storey, visitors get a panoramic view of the city. While this particular floor is reserved for private events, those who have the opportunity to go up there in the evenings can be mesmerised by the city’s often talked about skyline.

High Profile Style

The building is one of a few that make up Manhattan’s FiDi. This area and the building is not only a major landmark in the city, but it is the center of the most powerful financial district in the world. Two of the world’s major players sit in this building as institutions associated with the wealth and industry that make up the city. The New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are two of the institutions that occupy the area. Then, there are the numerous businesses that support these institutions and the local economy as a whole.

On A Startup Budget

Coworking in this fit out can give you the advantage in terms of your bottom line . The spaces, while typically higher because of their location, are a lot cheaper than alternative conventional office space in any part of New York. With hot desks that are less than $500 a month and dedicated desk just under $800, businesses can find themselves occupying space in this exclusive building that epitomises success.

The initial costs for leasing are very inexpensive, and leasing terms tend to be more forgiving. The best part of the leasing terms is that they are flexible and do not tie businesses down to a protracted contract. At the end of the month, whether you want to transition into other space or leave the space altogether, you can – no harm done.

Why Choose A Coworking Space In One World Trade Center

Working in one of the most premium spaces is enough of a reason to choose the WTC as a workspace. However, along with this prestige comes the respect that results with working in a more established coworking space. Furthermore, it is hard to argue against workspace that can provide you access to the resources found in an economically thriving environment.