Should you feed your leopard gecko during shedding?

Should you feed your leopard gecko during shedding?

Leopard geckos that are close to shedding will not be interested in food. But, as soon as leopard geckos shed they should start eating regularly again. You may also see it eating its shed skin. This is normal and helps your lizard get nutrients.

Do leopard geckos eat their skin after they shed?

Geckos and other lizards often eat their shed skin – it’s actually a sign that your gecko is healthy. Growing that skin was a lot of hard work and there are lots of minerals stored there. By eating the skin, they can use the nutrients to grow new skin.

When to give food to a leopard gecko that is shedding?

Some leos will eat normally before and after the shedding, but others will avoid food for several days before, and 1-2 days after the completion of the process. You can offer food as usual – just don’t insist. Stuck sheds are the most common and pretty much the only problem with leopard gecko shedding.

How does a leopard gecko get its skin off?

The skin on the head will flake and come off first. During the process, leopard geckos will sway their body, and pull and tug at the old skin using their mouth. I find it especially amusing when they pull off the skin from their front legs, looking like they are taking off a pair of long, posh gloves.

How can I tell if my leopard gecko is eating?

Check for signs that your gecko is eating. It can be difficult to actually catch your gecko while it is eating, which may give the impression that it is not eating. There are two main methods to make sure that your gecko is eating, without actually seeing it eat. Weigh your gecko.

Why do geckos stop eating after a move?

If your gecko has stopped eating after a move, it should regain its appetite after becoming accustomed to its new home. Other geckos in the enclosure may be bullying the one who is not eating.

Why do geckos shed their skin?

The main reason why leopard geckos shed their skin is because of growth. Once they outgrow their old layer of skin, they shed it to allow the new layer of skin to take place. Another reason for shedding is due to illness or injury.

How often do geckos shed?

An adult leopard gecko will shed around once a month while younger geckos shed much more often. While shedding the gecko will consume its entire shedded skin, so there is no need to assist the gecko at all unless it has problems removing its skin.

Do geckos shed skin?

Geckos shed their skin as they grow. They shed when they are young and when they are adults. Most of the time, the shed goes very well. Sometimes though, it doesn’t. It is tempting to ‘help’ the gecko when you see it still has shed skin hanging on its body.