Some Juicing Recipes You Can Try With Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone loves a glass of fruit juice. This can be a good way to kick off your day or cool yourself in the hot afternoon. It is a good substitute to sodas and other kinds of soft drinks, which are usually lacking in nutrients with an abundance of sweetener. Fruits are natural, with the necessary nutrients needed by the body.

Some of us have opted to make the juice ourselves rather than buying them from shops around. This gives us control over the creative process involved in making the juice and for us to be sure of what we are consuming. It is also cheaper to make and very easy, so why not? There are some nice to know benefits to juicing.

One of the key advantages of making the juice yourself is that there are few limits to what you can make. The juice we buy outside offers us a monotony, with every brand making almost the same thing, but you can always go extra by yourself.

But besides fruit, we will also add vegetables. Yes, carrots, kale, celery, cucumbers, and

many vegetables can be added to your juice to spice the taste and increase the nutrients in it. This is because vegetables are packed with antioxidants, and a host of other nutrients like calcium, iron and vitamin c. It also aids in the production of blood. Having said that, we understand that most vegetables may not be easy to eat ordinarily, especially for children who may not like vegetables due to their taste. Blending them and mixing them with tasty fruits is just the best way to enjoy it, making it a win-win situation.

Here, we will be looking at some of the recipes you can try from your kitchen to make you enjoy more fruits and vegetables.

1. Pineapple, Pawpaw, And Carrot Juice

This is nothing that gives vitamin c better than carrots. You can mix it with the sweetness of pineapple and pawpaw to give you a perfect juice combo. This is a perfect way to start your day.

2. Apple, Celery, And Cucumber Juice

The noticeable thing about this combo is that it would come out looking greenish. Cucumber has high water content, with a cool taste, which, combined with celery, and apples give you a highly nutritious drink. This can help cool you down after a hot day.

3. Carrots, Beets, And Lemon Juice

This is a combo that is packed with nutrients that can rid the body of all toxic materials. Lemons are a very rich source of antioxidants, while beets contain properties that can help fight inflammation. Beets also help enhance the taste of the combo, toning down the sharp taste of the lemon.

4. Apple and Spinach juice

Spinach is one of the best vegetables you can find around, and it is so common. They come enriched with vitamin K which is good for growing strong bones, making it important for every child’s diet. You can introduce it to your children by blending it with apples to enhance the taste while they reap the benefits.

5. Orange And Carrot Juice

An orange has a high vitamin c content just like a carrot. Mixing them gives you immense benefits, helping bring down cholesterol levels in the body, reduces blood pressure, and also reduces the chances of getting diabetes. This is a vitamin A, boosting eyesight.

6. Avocado And Celery Juice

Everyone knows avocado is used in guacamole, but did you know it is a good source of juice? Avocados are one of the most nutritious fruits, containing potassium, vitamin C, K, B5, and more. When you mix it with celery, which has antibacterial and antiviral agents, you get a good fruit combo.

7. Orange and Lemon Juice

Talk about a citrus blast. Mixing these two gives you double of what you need, plus the antioxidants in the lemon and the vitamin C in the orange.

8. Fruit Cocktail

You can just enjoy a fruit cocktail by mixing many fruits, including vegetables. Apples, oranges, lemons, beets, avocados, cucumbers, and much more can be mixed. You should make a point to care about the taste so you do not make something unpleasant.

In addition to fruits, you can add nuts, ginger, turmeric, garlic, and other spices to improve the taste of your juice. These can be added after or while you are blending. Also, you can turn these into smoothies by adding yogurt. This makes it more appealing to your kids as it makes them taste better.