What can a Flemish Giant eat?

What can a Flemish Giant eat?

Your Flemish Giant will require a balanced diet of Hay, Fruit, Veggies and Pellets.

How much do giant bunnies eat?

Some Flemish Giant breeders suggest free-feeding your gentle giants with high-quality, commercialized rabbit pellets, as they don’t have the tendency to overeat. Others also recommend feeding them freely until they reach their first year, then give them a quarter cup of pellets for every five pounds of weight.

What veggies can a Flemish Giant eat?

We feed our bunnies a very robust diet of fed pellets, bunny granola, and timothy hay. cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans. and a high quality oat bread. We feed Nutrena (Nature Wise) Performance Rabbit Feed 18% Pellet.

Can Flemish Giants eat grass?

Pet rabbits can eat grass from the yard provided that it’s fresh and not treated with chemicals. Don’t allow a rabbit to eat excessive grass immediately as her stomach needs to adjust to it. If you’re going to clip some grass to feed your rabbit, you should use scissors.

Can Flemish Giants eat bananas?

Most rabbits digest well a variety of fruit from a young age on, while a handful will suffer the production of watery fecals and/or gas. The rabbit seen at the end of this page, a black Flemish giant, ate one whole banana per day, aside hay, pelleted food, fresh vegetables and herbs.

Can Flemish Giants eat peaches?

Your rabbit will enjoy many different fruits, including apples (without seeds), bananas, blueberries, peaches, pears, plums, and even watermelon.

What should I Feed my Continental Giant rabbit?

In terms of nutrition, you should give your Continental Rabbit a diet that has variety. Include high quality rabbit pellets and hays, along with fibrous vegetables, for a well-balanced nutrition.

How often should you feed a Flemish Giant rabbit?

Provide pallets to Flemish Giant rabbit daily. Adult rabbits eat 1/4 cup of high fiber pellets daily for every 5 pounds. While you feed the rabbit, keep in mind one thing that there is a different need of the diet for a pregnant, adult or sick rabbit.

What kind of vegetables can I Feed my Rabbit?

Don’t feed your rabbit Potatoes, Seeds, Nuts or Beans. Some Vegetables you can give your rabbit daily are: Bell Peppers, Bok Choy, Carrot Tops, Fennel, Radicchio. Read more on What Vegetables can my rabbit have?

Is the Continental Giant rabbit a healthy breed?

In general, the Continental Rabbit is a healthy breed, but there are certain issues that affect them and that are common for bunnies of their size. For instance, while sore hocks are a risk for any rabbit housed in a cage with inadequate flooring, the heavy Conti will develop this condition much more easily than a smaller bunny.

What kind of food does a Flemish Giant rabbit eat?

When it comes to diet, Flemish Giants don’t require any special vitamins and minerals. They eat the same food as regular rabbits, just much more of it. All rabbits require an unlimited supply of water and grass hay (ideally Timothy Hay).

What kind of food does a rabbit eat?

Our experts found that this is the only rabbit food which includes the only highest quality ingredients. It is Timothy hay-based food. The food contains all the essential vitamins and minerals to meet the lack of essential nutrients of the rabbit’s body. The best rabbit food is high in fiber and low in calories and calcium.

What do you need to know about giant rabbits?

You will need to know how to handle a giant rabbit safely. Preventing Disease – Some illnesses and diseases are more prevalent in giant breeds. We’ll show you how these diseases can be prevented. As long as you have the right resources to hand, caring for a giant rabbit is not too difficult.

How much alfalfa should I Feed my Flemish Giant rabbit?

If your Flemish Giant is under 1 year old / Under 5lbs, it would need one eighth of a cup of Alfalfa Pellets. Whilst our rabbit Link isn’t a Flemish Giant, he is a Flemish cross. In most cases you would want to give your adult rabbit a small portion of Timothy Hay base pellets, generall you would not want more than quarter of a standard cup.