What do you feed chameleons?

What do chameleons eat?

  1. Feed your chameleon crickets, or waxworms daily.
  2. Dust insects with a calcium supplement twice a week.
  3. Veiled Chameleons should also get appropriate greens, such as collards or mustard greens, once daily.
  4. Chameleons do not drink from a dish.

How does a chalazion in the eye go away?

A chalazion, also known as a meibomian cyst, is a common condition affecting the eyelid. The fluid-filled swelling (cyst) is usually felt as a small lump that goes away on its own, however it can be treated via injection or a small operation.

How big is a chalazion on the upper eyelid?

A chalazion is a small (2-8 mm) fluid-filled swelling (cyst) in the eyelid. It is common and sometimes called a meibomian cyst or tarsal cyst. A chalazion is more common on the upper eyelid. It is possible to have several at once, in more than one eyelid.

Why are chalazion more common in eczema patients?

This lump is the chalazion. Chalazion is more common in people who have the eye condition blepharitis, or skin conditions such as eczema, because in these conditions the meibum tends to be thicker so the gland is more easily blocked. See separate leaflets called Stye and Blepharitis for more details. What are the symptoms of a chalazion?

Is there such a thing as a chameleon optic neuropathy?

This article covers typical ‘idiopathic’ demyelinating optic neuropathy (IDON) and several possible variations in the way it can present (chameleons).

What to do if your chameleon’s eye is swollen?

Chameleons rely heavily on their eyesight, so if you notice that your chameleon’s eye seems swollen or demonstrates another other symptom, make an appointment with a certified reptile veterinarian immediately. They will likely flush out the eye and prescribe a saline solution and antibiotic.

Why do chameleons have turrets in their eyes?

The chameleons shown here have vitamin A deficiency. The solution, if it is a deficiency, is to give them vitamin A to replenish their vitamin stores. Sometimes the eye turrets will sink in as a sign of exhaustion or dehydration.

Can a chameleon eat with its eye closed?

Without sight the chameleon does not eat. A chameleon’s eye should be bright and alert. Anytime a chameleon has its eye’s closed (and shouldn’t be sleeping) or has swelling it needs to be a trip to the veterinarian to get this taken care of immediately.

What kind of health problems does a chameleon have?

Chameleons are challenging, yet fun and rewarding pets to own. They require proper food, housing, and lighting or they can have several health problems. Chameleons can suffer from dehydration, stress and mouth infections. Another common illness for chameleons is eye infections.