What does it mean when your dog has soft stool?

What does it mean when your dog has soft stool?

A soft stool with a coating of unusual mucous can be a sign that parvovirus or parasites are present. If you notice worms or eggs in soft or watery stool, this is also an indication of parasites.

What kind of stool does a dog have?

Melena is a dark, sticky, tarry stool, almost jelly-like. This blood has been digested or swallowed, indicating a problem in the upper digestive tract. Some dogs have darker stool than others, depending on diet and other factors.

Why does my dog poop 6 times a day?

The number of times that our dog defecates throughout the day, the color of his stools and their consistency are symptoms of his state of health, of how the food that we give him goes down, and if he needs more water, help or change his diet.

What should I look for in my dog’s poop?

(Picture Credit: Getty Images) Normal, healthy dog poop tends to be firm and a little moist. You should be familiar with your dog’s normal stool so that you can monitor any changes. The volume, color, and odor are important to note, too.

What causes soft stool in dogs?

The list of potential reasons for soft stools in dogs and cats is even longer, as this condition can be tied to a number of different causes, such as: Infection. Intestinal parasites. Certain medications. Change in food. A primary gastrointestinal issue.

How do I firm up my dog’s stool?

Introduce your pooch to fiber. Dietary psyllium fiber, such as Metamucil, absorbs excess liquid in the digestive system and it may help firm up your dog’s stool. Offer approximately ½ tsp. per every 15 lb. of dog weight.

How do you treat loose stools in dogs?

If your dog has a mild case of diarrhea such as from a recent dietary change, kaopectate may help. Kaopectate is simply the combination of kaolin and pectin. This drug can be used to treat diarrhea or loose stools in dogs but also works well for treating a dog’s nausea and upset stomach.

What to do if your dog has loose poop?

A veterinarian may prescribe you with medication to loosen his stool, or you can give your dog fiber, such as canned pumpkin or cooked oatmeal. If it persists for more than a couple of days, talk with your vet.