What should I do with my Cairn Terrier?

What should I do with my Cairn Terrier?

Regular brushing and exercise are also necessary to keep the breed fit and happy. The Cairn Terrier has a double coat with hard straight coat above a soft furry short undercoat. As with most terriers, the coat is usually hand stripped or plucked to insure the coat retains its harsh texture, color and does not become soft.

How often should I give my Cairn Terrier a bath?

Cairn’s love the outdoors and love to get dirty, if your Cairn is an indoor dog, more frequent bathing will be desired. Cairn’s require 2 baths; The first bath should be a general bath to get off the dirt and grime.

Where did the Cairn Terrier get its name?

The Cairn originated in the Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Skye, initially grouped in the “Skye Terrier” class alongside the Scottish and West Highland White Terriers. In the early 1900s, the three breeds began to be bred separately. The name “Cairn” refers to the rock dens that foxes and badgers lived in throughout the countryside.

What makes a Cairn Terrier a good dog?

Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training. You can avoid some negative traits by choosing an ADULT dog from an animal shelteror rescue group. With an adult dog, you can easily see what you’re getting, and plenty of adult Cairn Terriers have already proven themselves not to have negative characteristics.

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How to tell if your Cairn Terrier has Cushing’s disease?

If your vet finds the following 4 symptoms, your Cairn probably has Cushing’s Disease: your Cairn is drinking copious amounts of water and urinating frequently; your dog has an elevated SGPT; your Cairn has an elevated alkaline phosphatase level; and your dog’s ratio of urinary cortisol to urinary creatine is greater than 24.

How does the American Kennel Club help Cairn terriers?

Research to develop a DNA marker test to identify carrier, clear, and affected CMO animals has been funded cooperatively by the Cairn, Scottish and West Highland White Terrier clubs and foundations in conjunction with the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Health Foundation.