Why are my gerbils so jumpy?

Occasionally gerbils will get scared, run into cover and start stomping their feet. This reaction is usually caused by them getting surprised. Walking into the room too quickly can make them do this. Getting up too fast when they don’t expect it will also scare them into stomping their feet.

How do you calm down gerbils?

How To Calm Down Gerbils

  1. Toys And Accessories. Skittish gerbils may be harboring too much energy that they can’t exert.
  2. Burrowing Spaces. Gerbils need space to hide when they feel skittish or afraid.
  3. Speak To Gerbils Softly.
  4. Get a Pair of Gerbils.
  5. Hiding.
  6. Foot Stomping (Drumming)
  7. Biting.
  8. Poop And Urinate More Often.

Do you know the body language of a gerbil?

As with any pet, it is important to understand your gerbil’s body language and what they mean by their various gestures. More often than not, we tend to misinterpret these subtle signals and end up doing more harm to our pet than any good.

Why does my gerbil walk on the left side?

Your gerbil’s head may tilt to the left or the right, but it won’t change sides while it’s happening. In other words, if the tilt started on the left side, it will stay there. Pay attention to your gerbil’s balance. Just because your gerbil isn’t walking in circles doesn’t mean it doesn’t have head tilt.

Why do gerbils kiss the other gerbil?

If you have a pair gerbils in your house, you are probably aware of the curious way in which they say hello to each other. One gerbil runs to other and touches her mouth or nose to kiss them. Gerbils do this because they recognize each other by the taste of their individual saliva or by their body odour.

What does it mean when a gerbil rolls on its back?

When a gerbil rolls over onto its back and exposes its belly to its partner, it means that it is a submissive mood and would like to be pampered by the other gerbil. This submissive posture wins the confidence of the other gerbil, tells him who is in charge and even beckons him to tend the fur of the other gerbil.

Why does my gerbil keep tilting its head?

These causes include balance issues or an infection. Because the causes can be serious, if you notice a lack of balance in your gerbil, take it to the vet. Monitor your gerbil’s eating and drinking.

Why does my gerbil have allergy symptoms?

The allergy-like symptoms could possibly be a symptom of an underlying condition, rather than an allergy. Gerbil’s limbs are fragile, and a fall or a panic-induced tussle with ladders or other cage fittings can lead to breaks.

Why does my gerbil have red stuff in his eyes?

This occurs because the gerbil’s eyes keep running, because of its allergy. This can look quite worrying, because gerbils’ eyes run red when this happens. The red stuff isn’t blood, but a substance called porphyrin. This is a product of hemoglobin, but doesn’t mean your gerbil’s eyes are actually bleeding.

How can you tell if your gerbil is depressed?

The signs of a depressed gerbil include lack of activity, too much sleep, bar chewing, and floor scratching. Gerbils become unhappy when other gerbils die, if their enclosure is small, or they’re stressed. You can help a depressed gerbil to recover by spending time with your pet and showing them affection.