Why does my poodle have an ear infection?

Why does my poodle have an ear infection?

Otitis externa is a painful inflammation of the ear canal and can be caused by many things. The most common culprits include parasites (such as ear mites), allergies, and bacterial or yeast infections. For Poodles, the warm, moist environment created by their floppy and furry ears can mean infection.

Why does my miniature poodle have long ears?

But you can expect your purebred adult standard, miniature, or toy Poodle to have long, hairy ears that hang close to their face. Because Poodle ears are both floppy and hairy, they may trap dirt and moisture, which can lead to infection. We’ll talk about grooming in a bit, but first, here’s how to clean them.

What should I do about my poodle’s floppy ears?

Dogs with floppy, heavily furred ears need extra attention to keep them clean, dry, and free from infection. Get your dog comfortable with a regular ear cleaning routine. Talk to your vet about safe cleaning techniques and products. Your Poodle’s ears will need regular grooming and trimming.

What to do if a poodle has an infection?

For Poodles, the warm, moist environment created by their floppy and furry ears can mean infection. Bacterial and yeast infections are commonly treated with antibacterial or antifungal drugs, often combined with steroids to reduce inflammation.

Is it possible for a poodle to not have an ear infection?

See, poodles are prone to ear infections. But with your help, it’s possible to maintain healthy ears for your dog so he never has to worry about getting one. Poodles have ears that flop over their ear canals.

How to take care of Doodle and poodle’s ear?

Place a large cotton ball into the opening of the ear canal. Massage the ear gently (especially at the base of the ear) to work the solution down into the ear canal and loosen wax and dirt.

What happens if you put wax on a poodle’s ear?

You may even push wax further inside your poodle’s ear canal, which can have major consequences. When used as directed, EcoEars destroys the cause and eliminates all ear infection symptoms related to mites, yeast infections, fungus, and a wide range of bacterial infections.

Why are the ears of a poodle dry?

Unlike dogs who have ears that stand straight up, such as German shepherds, poodle ears don’t have airflow circulating to keep their ears dry and moisture-free. Poodle ears have an enclosed, humid environment that creates the perfect breeding ground for yeast, bacteria, and even parasites to thrive.