Why is my bearded dragon not eating his vegetables?

Why is my bearded dragon not eating his vegetables?

If your bearded dragon won’t eat greens, there’s a good chance that you’re feeding him/her too many bugs. After all, hatchlings should be getting 60-80% of their diet as bugs, juveniles need 50-60%, but adults only need 20-30%. If your dragon isn’t eating bugs, then that’s a diet of 100% bugs!

How do I feed my bearded dragon carrots?

The best way to offer the carrots is to grate them as this will make them much easier to consume. If you don’t have the tools to grate the carrots then simply slicing them thinly and then quartering them will do fine. You should always feed carrots in a salad bowl that your bearded dragon can easily eat out of.

How many carrots should I feed my bearded dragon?

You can feed them carrots about 5 to 7 times a month. This way they will get plenty of additional nutritional value carrots provide without going overboard. Truthfully, carrots don’t offer any great risk of toxicity for your bearded dragon, and you could technically feed them carrots in every salad without harm.

How do I get my beardie to eat?

Feeding with a stimulant will help if they begin to get weak or lose too much weight. The best stimulant is going to be Zilla appetite stimulant or Reptaid. Reptaid uses herbal extracts to help bearded dragons fight off parasites and viruses, but also works to stimulate their appetite and get them eating again.

Can bearded dragons eat can carrots?

Bearded Dragons and Carrots. Bearded dragons can, in fact, eat carrots and their green tops. They make a lovely addition to a mix of fruits and vegetables that make up most of an adult bearded dragon’s diet.

What veggies can bearded dragons eat every day?

Daily Staple Greens for Bearded Dragons:

  • Cactus pad, or prickly pear (2.3 to 1). This desert delicacy is high in calcium and rich in antioxidants, fiber, and Vitamin C.
  • Collard greens (14.5 to 1).
  • Dandelion leaves (2.8 to 1).
  • Endive or escarole (1.9 to 1).
  • Mustard greens (2.4 to 1).
  • Turnip greens (4.5 to 1).

Why does my bearded dragon not eat greens?

However, rest assured that if your bearded dragon won’t eat greens… you’re definitely not alone! You see, bearded dragons are notoriously picky eaters and also downright stubborn sometimes! Put these two characteristics together and you get a recipe for potential frustration. So, what do you do?

How old do bearded dragons have to be to eat vegetables?

Even babies as young as 1-2 months should still be given some finely chopped vegetables to sample here and there. After all, this is the ONLY food bearded dragons are allowed to eat as much of as they want all day long!

What kind of salad dressing does bearded dragon eat?

This salad dressing by Nature Zone is a cult favorite for a reason! A little bit of this over your bearded dragon’s salad, and they’ll swear they’re chowing down on something much more appetizing.

What happens when a bearded dragon goes into brumation?

Brumation is a hibernation-like state that lizards will go into during the cold months of the year. When a bearded dragon goes into brumation, a lot of their core body functions will slow down. They won’t move around nearly as much and will also eat a lot less food. This is because they simply have no need for this fuel!

What fruits can bearded dragons eat list?

Offer your bearded dragon fruit. Fruits should comprise the smallest portion of your beardie’s diet but do include them. He’ll happily munch on papayas, peeled bananas, apples, raspberries, plums, peaches, and pears. Dragons also like watermelon, pineapples, cherries, and grapes.

What vegetables are best for bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons need lots of green, leafy vegetables, so give yours plenty of collards, mustard, and turnip greens. You can also provide her with peeled cucumbers, cabbage, squash, pumpkin, carrots, bell peppers, and kale. She’ll enjoy green beans, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, too.

What is a healthy bearded dragon diet?

Bearded dragons are omnivores and can eat a variety of things. Normally your bearded dragon’s diet will consist of vegetables, insects, and non-citrus fruit. When you give your beardie insects you will need to make sure that the insect isn’t too big for your dragon to eat.

Can bearded dragons eat lunch meat?

Bearded dragons shouldn’t eat . Bread, cookies, cakes, and any other baked food. Meat, chicken, turkey, pork, lunch, meat, corned beef, entrails, heart, liver, (organ meat) meat and poultry products ham, bacon, sausages, and so on. Milk, cheese, ice creams, butter, and so on.

Can baby bearded dragons eat carrot?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat carrots. Carrots are a great source of nutrition and vitamins, especially Vitamin A and Beta-carotene which is great for bearded dragons. Because feeding your bearded dragon both Vitamin A supplement and Carrots can cause Vitamin A toxicity.

How often should I feed my bearded dragon carrots?

Filling them up with too many carrots means they might not have room for more important veggies. Many veterinarians suggest giving carrots to your bearded dragon once or twice per week. It’s best to provide vegetables that are high in calcium and lower in Vitamin A.