Why is my turtle not opening his mouth?

Agree that he needs to see a vet right away. Although RI is very common, turtles also get other illnesses, such as mouth rot, that can be fatal if not attended to. Until he sees the vet, keep him quarantined, very clean, warm, stress free and keep trying to get him to eat.

What should you do if your turtle can’t open its mouth?

If your tortoise can’t open his mouth, it might be that his beak is overgrown and you need to get it trimmed. It is also possible that your tortoise’s mouth is closed due to mouth rot or a respiratory infection. In all cases, your tortoise needs to visit the vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

What causes a box turtle’s mouth to rot?

Infectious stomatitis is an infection in the mouth that can make it look like the mouth is rotting away—giving it its common name of mouth rot. Mouth rot is more common in other reptiles than in chelonians (box turtles are chelonians).

Why is my box turtle not eating anything?

If your box turtle isn’t eating, it might just be picky or bored with its food. So providing variety in its diet might do the trick to stimulate its appetite.

Is it possible for a turtle to open its mouth?

As of now, there are no more symptoms; there are no discharge, swollen eyes or bubble around the mouth, however the turtle’s mouth just opens as his head sticks out of the water, like he cannot breath under water.

How to tell if a box turtle has an abscess?

Turtles with respiratory infections may have excess mucus in their oral cavities (seen as bubbles in the mouth), nasal discharges, lethargy, loss of appetite, open-mouth breathing, and wheezing, and may stretch the neck out with each breath. An abscess is a pus-filled swelling within a tissue of the body.

Can a box turtle get mouth rot from other reptiles?

Mouth rot is more common in other reptiles than in chelonians (box turtles are chelonians). Even so, box turtles can get it, especially if the animal’s environment or diet is poor.

What should I do if my box turtle won’t eat?

Your vet will decide the best course of treatment. If the infection does not respond quickly, your vet may want to culture the bacteria to identify them. This can help in choosing an antibiotic that will work better. You may have to work hard to entice your turtle to eat for the first few days.

When to start withholding food from box turtles?

Starting two weeks prior to your selected hibernation start date, begin withholding food from your box turtle. This will permit it to clear its digestive tract fully; an essential element for health and safety during hibernation. However, be sure to continue to provide water for drinking and soaking.

What to do if a box turtle has stomatitis?

You will also need to treat the other infection, and your pet may need antibiotics. Depending on what, exactly, is going on with your pet, you may need to put topical antibiotics on his mouth and give injected antibiotics for the other infection. Your vet will decide the best course of treatment.