Can a transfer factor be transferred to a human?

Chickens and cows live outside, exposing them to a variety of germs, which their immune systems must battle in order to stay healthy. Transfer factors and nanofraction molecules can be safely transferred to humans, making cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk excellent sources for immune system support. What is Transferceutical ® Science?

Where does the 4Life transfer factor come from?

Healthful foods provide your body with important nutrients that provide strength. Immune system cells need this nutrition, but they also need education. 4Life Transfer Factor educates your immune system cells so your immune system can keep running at peak performance.* Where does 4Life Transfer Factor come from?

What does transfer factor AP do for the immune system?

The Transfer Factor ap™ serves as immune messenger molecules to transfer antigenic immune recognition signals between lymphocytes (white blood cells) to enhance the immune response. These tasty chicken liver-flavored chews can be administered as a complement to traditional therapies.

How old do you have to be to take transfer factor?

No problem! You can get 4Life Transfer Factor ® Classic in chewable citrus-cream tablets or a powder you can add to any food or drink. You can also get 4Life Transfer Factor ® Tri-Factor ® Formula in chewable citrus-cream tablets. These three products are safe for ages 4 and up!

Is there a DVM transfer factor for pets?

Dr. Joe Ramaekers, DVM Transfer Factor™ is truly the missing link in the nutritional approach to preventive medicine for all pets. It is a powerful immune system activator that has the ability to boost the immune system in an entirely different way.

What happens if you give a CAT Transfer factor?

Steven Slagle, DVM – A cat with Leukemia, an oral tumor, and posterior paralysis due to a spinal tumor was very ill and emaciated. One month after starting her on Transfer Factor Plus at 1 capsule per day, there was some regression of the oral tumor, restored appetite with some weight gain, and increased sociability.

When to use transfer factor plus for dogs?

If, conversely, the immune system is under-active as in mange, parasites, viral infections, or cancer, Transfer Factor Plus can clearly stimulate it to better meet the challenges it needs to be alert to.” More about Dr. Falconer — Dr. Falconer’s article on cats and chronic disease

What is the 4Life transfer factor plus Tri factor formula?

4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula combines the intelligence of Transfer Factor E-XFTM, the intuition of NanoFactorTM extract, and the added support of our CordyvantTM blend to provide the ultimate in immune system support for your body.