Can an individual make history?

Individuals do indeed make history. But they cannot influence society or history in any direction they so choose. For ideas expressed by groups or individuals to become a material force that can affect the outcome of history, therefore, there must be both the objective conditions and the subjective conditions.

Is simple history accurate?

This channel is different to other history channels on YouTube because of its unique approach to using animation. Because the format is cartoons rather than photo slideshows, it means that visual historical accuracy has to be thoroughly researched, in costumes, backgrounds and weapons.

Who is the most powerful king in history?

Amenhotep III. During his long reign, Amenhotep III presided over a golden age during the 18th dynasty when Egypt was the most powerful nation on Earth. And, although his grandson Tutankhamun is far more widely known today, it is Amenhotep III who was taken as the ultimate role model by subsequent monarchs.