Do some soldiers enjoy killing?

Not many of them ‘enjoy’ taking another person’s life but you learn to do what you have to do. In a war or conflict, on the battlefield, it’s either you kill him (the enemy) first, or he kills you – which is a great incentive to do your duty. Most soldiers don’t enjoy killing, although certainly there are some who do.

Can I join the military without going to war?

Originally Answered: Can I join the military without going to war? Yes. There are plenty of people in the military that never go to war. However, you need to keep it in the front of your mind (not the back of your mind), that the primary overriding purpose of the military is to fight wars.

Is military a good career?

“It’s a hard job but there are good benefits” says one former soldier but “the army is a great career field look into it if you are looking for something out of the norm.” Many former soldiers also talk about it being “the best experience of my life” and the fact that they work very hard but are well-respected and “get …