Does liver disease cause foul-smelling stool?

Bile is the digestive fluid produced by the liver. Disorders of the liver, bile duct, or pancreas can cause cholestasis. The skin and whites of the eyes look yellow, the skin itches, urine is dark, and stools may become light-colored and smell foul. Laboratory and often imaging tests are needed to identify the cause.

Why does my stool have a bad smell?

Foul-smelling stool has a particularly bad odor. Often, this is due to the foods that people eat. In some cases, however, foul-smelling stool can indicate an underlying medical condition. This article outlines eight causes of foul-smelling stool, along with information on diagnosis, treatments, and when to see a doctor.

What to do if you have foul smelling stool?

If you are having problems with very foul-smelling stool, you may want to try some of the following courses of action. Probiotics: Often, imbalanced gut bacteria cause foul-smelling stools. Probiotics are one easy way to rebalance the gut bacteria and get stools back to normal.

Why do I have foul smelling stool after taking multivitamins?

Taking some over-the-counter multivitamins may also cause foul-smelling stools if you’re allergic to the supplements’ ingredients. After a course of antibiotics, you may have foul-smelling stools until your normal bacterial flora is restored.

What causes foul smelling stool in people with ulcerative colitis?

People with ulcerative colitis may develop a range of symptoms, including: 1 foul-smelling stool containing blood or mucus 2 diarrhea 3 constipation 4 bowel incontinence 5 abdominal cramps

Is it normal to have foul smelling stools?

Your long-term outlook depends on what caused the foul-smelling stool. Most conditions that cause this symptom are treatable. However, diseases such as Crohn’s may require lifelong changes to your diet or medications to manage bowel movements and pain.

Why does my infant have foul smelling stool?

Foul-smelling stool Dietary changes Irritable bowel syndrome Antibiotics Infection Inflammatory bowel disease Celiac disease Other possible causes Why does my infant have foul-smelling stool? When to call the doctor Should I go to the ER for foul-smelling stool? Treatment Why does my infant have foul-smelling stool?

What to do about foul smelling bowel movements?

However, diseases such as Crohn’s may require lifelong changes to your diet or medications to control bowel movements and pain. Making dietary changes may help prevent foul-smelling stools. For example, you should avoid drinking raw, or unpasteurized, milk.

Why do I have foul smelling poop and gas?

The most common cause of foul smelling stool and gas is nutrient malabsorption, meaning the food you eat are not being absorbed properly in the intestines. Causes of this condition include gluten intolerance, IBD, Crohn’s disease, or lactose intolerance.