How do you become a stamp scholar?

Applying for a Stamps Scholarship is easy: just apply to one or more of our partner schools. If you qualify, you’ll automatically be considered for a Stamps award.

How do you know if you got a scholarship?

The scholarships office only notifies successful applicants. If successful, you will receive an email. Your submitted application will be considered for any scholarships you meet the eligibility and selection criteria for after they close. …

What qualifies me for a scholarship?

There are many scholarships with academic requirements. This means that GPA and/or test scores are the main requirement to win the scholarship. While a majority of academic scholarships require students to hold a high GPA, there are a few scholarships that award students for less-than-stellar academic performance.

What are three things you can do today to be eligible for as many scholarships as possible?

Raise Your GPA for More Scholarships. Many scholarships have requirements surrounding GPA levels. Raise Your ACT / SAT Score. Raise Your Class Rank. File the FAFSA. Participate in Community Service. Brush Up on Your Essay Skills.