How do you cite evidence from a video?

Basically, you will want to cite in-text whatever appears first in the citation on your Works Cited page. If you are referencing a specific part of the video, MLA format also requires that you specify the time in the video when that part begins. In-text citation with author: (Last name, – .

How do you cite a YouTube video in MLA citation?

To cite a video from YouTube properly, you must take the following pieces of information into consideration:Full name, username, or name of the company who posted the content.Title of the video.Title of the website (YouTube)Publisher of the video.Date the video was posted.Length or duration of the video.

How do you cite a video in IEEE?

Referencing elements to cite:[#] Reference number (matching the in-text citation number)Author(s) name(s)Title of the video tutorial, in italics. Abbreviated Month, Day and Year of Production. Accessed on: Month, Day, Year. [Streaming Video]Available from: Library Database that provided the streaming video.