How does a tibial crest avulsion surgery work?

Tibial Crest Avulsion. By realigning the fractured piece of bone and anchoring it back in place with surgical implants, it allows the bone to heal and provides the best chance of a successful outcome. The surgery involves having metal bone pins and a wire tension band inserted into the knee. The pins and wire help to realign the knee.

How is an osteotomy of the tibial crest performed?

The procedure is accomplished through a surgical approach to the craniomedial aspect of the tibial crest. An osteotomy of the tibial crest is performed from just cranial to the tendon of origin of the long digital extensor muscle to the distal extent of the tibial crest.

What to do if your dog has tibial crest surgery?

You can relieve this by applying light pressure to the area with an ice pack wrapped in a towel. If the surgery site becomes red or weepy, or your pet is licking at the area and seems uncomfortable, please bring your pet in for a check-up, as these signs may indicate an infection.

How are titanium implants used to treat tibial trauma in dogs?

A cranial implant fixation allows to distribute the forces evenly on medial and lateral side of osteotomy gap, which may result in less number of major complications in dogs. A novel titanium implant decreases the tibial traumatisation by reducing the number of screws.

When to remove a tibial crest avulsion implant?

The tension band principle is the ideal method of treatment, however the compression at the fracture site can lead to early closure of the physis and subsequent limb deformities in growing animals. In patients approaching skeletal maturity, at 8-10 months of age, the implants can be left in place.

How is the tibial crest reattached after surgery?

Surgery permits anatomic reduction of the avulsed fragment and return to function of the stifle joint. The tibial crest is reattached using several different techniques: Kirchner wire fixation: two Kirchner wires are driven through the tubercle and into the tibia, placed at divergent angles.

What causes avulsion of the tibial crest in dogs?

Hyperflexion of the stifle joint can cause avulsion of the growth plate of the tibial crest in immature animals, less than about 10 months of age. It can occur in cats and dogs, and the Greyhound and Terrier breeds are overrepresented.

What kind of wire is used for tibial crest avulsion?

Two small Kirchner wires are placed through the tubercle and into the tibia. Orthopaedic wire is then placed in a figure of eight fashion around the exposed ends of the Kirchner wires and through a hole drilled more distally into the tibia.