How many references should an APA paper have?

Usually 3-4 reliable sources should be sufficient. This should be enough external information to complement your original thoughts/ideas. With too many sources, the essay becomes a compilation of opinions from other writers instead of your own.

How many sources should be used in a research paper?

often have many references. The average number is around 55-58 references. Engineering, design, geometry, and math papers have 28-30 references per an essay or article.

Do you number sources in APA?

Number your citations Depending upon the system used in your field, either: Arrange the sources you cite alphabetically and then number them; or. Number the citations consecutively according to the first mention of each source in the text (using the same number for subsequent references to the same source).

What is the current APA Style?

The 7th edition APA Manual, published in October 2019, is the most current edition.